That Had to Hurt


Pew Research finds that Mitt Romney won 78% of the Mormon vote in the 2102 [sic] presidential election.

Um, I really, really doubt that. Have you seen the Utah and Idaho results for Romney?
Damnit! I misread that as "Who got a bigger percentage, Romney or Obama."

Ah well. Time for another cup of coffee.
Romney also did better with white Evangelicals than with Mormons.
(Not sure why I capitalized "evangelicals.")
I wonder what percentage of the gay vote went to Romney.
@5: Obama got 70% of the gay vote in 08. This time he got 77% of the gay vote.

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with the 23% of gay people who voted for Romney—I have theories—but I do know that GOProud and LCR's efforts to convince LGBT people to support Romney/Ryan failed pretty spectacularly.

And that's a good thing.
@Open, or closeted?
I thought they did exit polling in only 31 states this year. If Idaho or Utah wasn't one of the states then these don't mean much.

There would be some major changes
Thanks Dan. Gay people are raised in Republican homes, too and political families can leave a big impression growing up. That's my guess, anyway, for what it's worth.
I can understand why an LGBT person would vote for Mittens. If Obama had screwed up the country badly enough I'd have been the other gay dude for Romney. The right to get married doesn't mean much if you can't find a job.
i'm still scratching my head over the fact that given four years , the republicans couldn't produce a better candidate than romney

you don't know because you are a narrow minded bigot who insists everyone must think just like you.

why didn't the ancient Greeks have gay "marriage"?

They were big fans of all things homo;
the ruling class totally accepting of the gay;
no xtianity or even monotheism to twist the people's minds...
why did the ancient Greek homosexuals disagree with you on gay "marriage"

what the fuck was their problem?.....


they probably knew that you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.
@11 Yes it is a little surprising, but I'm not complaining. I'm thinking it has a lot to do with the struggle within the party to appease the base while also finding someone who can appeal nationally. No easy task. If you look back at the primary, I don't think they started with a strong pool of candidates. I wonder if a lot of their serious candidates are holding back until 2016--hedging that their best shot is then because they will be on a more equal footing with whomever the Dems run.
Also, unfortunately, some gays are racist.
@12: If you think ancient Greeks had the concept of gayness or homosexuality as an identity the way that we have in the modern world, I think you're the one who is stupid.
@6: Many of the LGBT folks I know voted third-party, actually. I doubt that would be the whole 23%, but I'd bet it's a chunk of that percentage.
@11, did you get a load of the other ones? Romney was BY FAR the best of the bunch. Which says a lot about the bunch.

Remember when everybody was pretending that Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry were for real? Snicker, snort.

I wonder what impact the remarkable success Mormonism has had in converting non-white people had on those vote tallies. Worldwide, LDS is or will soon be white-minority. They're still pretty white in the US, but getting less so every day. I'm thinking a fair number of black and Latino Mormons cast a pretty skeptical eye on the Mittman. Especially after the revelation that he rented their tax exemption for fifteen years.
A 2% difference makes a news story? Make it stop.
Very enlightening. But also very surprising. I was thinking even the 3 or 4 Mormons who didn't vote for W. in 2000 or 2004 voted for Romney in 2012.

I was watching some PBS show - maybe The Newshour - where the reporter was on the campus of Brigham Young U. There were a very few people who voted for Obama in 2008 (that's what college can do to some in spite of everything) voting for Romney in 2012 because - well - because he was a Mormon, too - one of their own. So to find that W. had more support is most surprising. But it makes me wonder why.