Today in Ex-Gay


Credit for "going down" goes to you. Heh.
Now I'm thinking I want to join an ex-gay ministry, just to meet guys. Hell, they're getting more action than I am.
...and, of course, cupping is perfectly biblical (had to go look up chapter and verse):…
Does this mean the book is done?
that's how i keep my gay in check: lots of masturbating and blowjobs. clears "those feelings" right up.
3, Etymologically speaking, The Greek "testis" IS the root of testicle, testify, testimony, testament, testy, tasty and delicious.
You ever think that this kind of pretending-not-to-be-gay while simultaneously doing gay stuff - the standard pastor/counselor dance - is itself a form of kink? like, 'OMG, I'm totally fondling this guy while we're both pretending there's nothing sexual about it and that's SO HOT.'

Christian weirdos.

I'm just trying to picture the mental processes of a dude who thinks that masturbating with another dude will help him control his homosexuality. "Spiritual strength". It's really sad. These people loathe themselves SO MUCH.
Why is anything described here a felony? One adult stroked another adult's crotch.

"Consent by the complainant is not a defense". Shit, imagine the laws he broke committed every time he rubbed one out over a fitness magazine.
@10, it has to do with the therapist-patient relationship. Regardless of whether the therapist is qualified to provide the therapy, once he or she represents themselves a therapist, they are required to abide by certain rules, and diddling the client is one of those rules, ESPECIALLY in a therapudic setting. It's basically a doctor-patient relationship, and as such a patient is assumed to be unable to provide consent. If he wanted to diddle, he needed to terminate the therapist-client relationship. Of course, since the therapy he is providing is total garbage and he could never indulge his real desire for man meat without admitting his actual orientation, this is what results instead...
"Ex-Gay" = "Molesting Closet Case."
Or rather, "Ex-Gay" = "Current Closet Case and Molester."
Oh, come on. I masturbate for spiritual strength all the time.

Of course, I'm not going to pay anyone to do it. They pay me.
"Outpost Ministries desires to partner with Jesus in His ministry to weak, broken people, specifically those struggling with same-sex attractions. We also desire to train young adults to do this same work!"
Wow. Just, wow. Now that might have worked on me. They tried everything else to no effect.
Bush was way freakier than Romney. It makes sense.
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