What Do You Think of the World War Z Trailer?


I prefer movies without children in them, but it looks ok.
it looks like they're done.

why wait 8 months?
It looks stupid.
CGI zombies.
Brad Pitt saving the world instead of the world being saved by different people in different locations with different methods.

So this movie has the same name as the book.
But a completely different protagonist.
Facing a completely different threat (very fast zombies that appear to climb).
Under completely different circumstances.

They only used World War Z to get the fans of that book to watch this but the fans of that book would probably already go see a new zombie movie.
I don't know....it still looks kinda cool.
The book had such an interesting way of telling the story, and I really hope that some of the memorable scenes get done. That being said, this does look awesome even if the zombies don't really look that much like the way the book presented them.
I'd be perfectly fine with another zombie movie. I'd love to see a movie made of the book World War Z. But this looks like absolute garbage. It looks like it's got nothing at fucking all to do with the book. And even if it had a different title and was supposed to be a different story altogether, it would still look like shit. What kind of bullshit zombies are those? Holy god, whoever worked on this movie ought to be ashamed of themselves.
I adore the book, and am generally tired of fast zombies, but this looks much better than I expected. Remember in Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake, the entire sequence from when Anna's husband dies and turns into a zombie, up until the point where she crashes the car and blacks out, prompting those amazing opening credits of the end of the world unfolding over a day?

This looks like they made a feature film out of that awesome horror sequence from when Anna steps out of her house until the end of the opening credits. It may not be the book, but hell yeah. Those 5 minutes of Dawn of the Dead were the best part of the film.

Want a good flick, Scalene with Margo Martindale and Adam Scarimbolo.

Its a kind of Flowers for Algernon, only where the guy stays autistic all the way through.

Free to Amazon Prime Members (of which I is one):

I had always hoped they'd make World War Z into a Ken Burns style movie. Make 3 hours long. Follow the book closely perhaps add some extra scenes. I l
I didn't even like the book! I thought it was a stupid masturbatory exercise of stupid men who like to talk ignorantly of weapon characteristics. Our countries laziest fucking survivalists. It could have been written by Carl--H. Jon Benjamin's character on Family Guy. and the movie looks worse. That CGI is total shit!
I was always against them making a movie of World War Z because I felt it would be better served by a 3 episode run on a cable channel. That being said, of course I will see this and I pray that they do something cool with the concept of the oceans teeming with zombies, occasionally coming ashore. Because that was AMAZING.
Your poll is missing the option of, "This is a shit-stupid film already."
Comparing movie adaptations of the books is an exercise in futility. Movies and books are completely different art forms. You should judge each on the merits of its own medium. If you can't you should not bother with adaptations; your blood pressure will thank you.

That being said I agree with the other commenters that this book lent itself more to a mini-series but I am still looking forward to the movie.
I don't get the continued fascination with zombies. The idea of people coming back from the dead to kill and terrorize is pretty ridiculous. The idea is played out, but that's Hollywood for you.
Oops my first sentence should read: "Comparing movie adaptations of books to the source material is an exercise in futility."
I really hope that is preliminary, rough draft CGI on the zombies, because right now it looks horrible.
For god's sake film makers, please, please, please stop using the loud brass "blaaat" noise to indicate suspense. It got tedious in Inception and now it's totally fucking played out. All it says now is this is a film where we used every lazy cliché we could think of.
@14 The fascination with zombies is just the current flavor of apocalyptic/dystopian fiction, that first found popular favor in the 50's. And zombies are not just the dead come back to life (although there is a component to that), but zombies are about plague, which is primal terror for humanity.
@6: That opening sequence (of Dawn of the Dead) is sheer perfection.
@16 Agreed. I wondered if it was my tiny screen, but those zombies were laughable—reminded me of some Mummy-era CGI.
Fact: Fast zombies are nowhere near as scary as slow zombies.

If you're making a fast zombie movie, you're basically making Aliens. And if the action happens during the day, you're doing it wrong.

This looks stupid.
@21 Fact: shut up.

It sounds like you just want the old B/W Night of the living dead going over and over. Can't you buy that DVD with the rest of the "ooooh I like classic stuff, me" crowd and just ... just accept that the rest of the world might enjoy it.

Many things look stupid. People being nostalgic for the tropes of a genre they most probably are to young to remember, looks stupid.
I am sick of this sensational zombie shit, it has really lost it's way.

The point of zombies is that they ARE us. We are just a bunch of staggering consumers being following the heard from place the place.

And I am sick of bullshit CGI, it can be a useful tool but most of the time it just makes everything look like a bad cartoon. Is it that hard to make zombies, no just dress some people up and have them stagger around.
@23 The practical effects used on The Walking Dead are pretty great. They don't use CGI for the up close and personal.

As a side note, since many of you might be genre fans, did any of you see American Horror Story this week? That gay conversion scene is one of the most horrifying things I have ever seen on film or tv. Just brutal.
When you change the characteristics of the monster, you change the characteristics of the movie.
With slow monsters you have lots of time for tension and character development.
With fast monsters you lose that so you have to replace it with something.
Alien did it well by using a single fast monster and a confined, dark location.
This one seems to be in broad daylight with vast expanses of ocean and city and where the family appears to be safe on an aircraft carrier.

It's not that it CANNOT work as a horror movie but that they threw away everything about that particular monster that made it suitable for a specific type of horror.
The book's biggest flaw was it's oral history idea. There is no peril because you knew the storytellers lived. I was hoping the movie would eliminate that by showing things as they happened. I liked some of the idea in the book--like the samurai sword stuff and how the plague spread, but who really cares about a horror story told after the fact from the survivor's POV?
This looks stupid. And I say that as a fan of 28 Days Later and a fan of Brad Pitt.

Just stupid.
This movie looks like garbage. And I've already moved on past the fact that the movie is not based or anywhere near similar to the book anymore. With that said, the CGI zombies are horrendous looking. You'd think with their budget they could at least make them look better. Or better yet, scrap the whole movie altogether and do something else! Ahem, mer-men sounds pretty neat.
@7 Agreed. that opening sequence to the Dawn remake was spectacular. But where is that in this trailer? This looks more like germs or something. More action thriller than horror. The whole thing feels a lot more like 2012 or Contagion, which I haven't really seen.
@21 Since when have daytime zombies not been scary? Zombies are not vampires. There is no escape day or night. That's the whole point. The first scene in the original Night is in a cemetery in the daytime.
@23 Werd.
Overall, this looks disappointing without a doubt. What a missed opportunity for the genre. I'll watch it anyway. Zombies are the only scary monster I can think of. What better metaphor for humanity and its self-destructive flaws?
The wife and I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook while on a long road trip (seeing a couple burned out produce trucks by the side of the highway early in the trip being a great addition to the vibe), so we've been keeping an eye out for this project for years now.

After watching the trailer for this last night on Reddit, my wife demanded that we watch something else as eye bleach, because she couldn't go to sleep with that disappointing trailer as the last thing she saw.

CGI: Rubbery animation with slapdash compositing. Needs lots more work.
Story: Looks like another example of Hollywood's general lack of respect for the source material.
Zombie piles to thwart high walls: good idea, and surprising that I haven't seen anything done like it outside of Starship Troopers.

Unless there are some major updates done to this before the summer, this is one I'm going to wait to catch on Netflix.
Think I'll just read Dreadnought by Cherie Priest instead.
I too was hoping for a Ken Burns style documentary of World War Z.
Obama's win is proof that zombies thrive among us; a bunch of staggering credulous takers following the herd....
um it looks like the zombies are going to be a cgi human ant colony? wtf? starship troopers zombie edition?
I'll stay home and play Left 4 Dead.
@24 That scene in AHS had me in tears. I don't even know how to articulate how it made me feel.

I miss the AHS Chitty Chat Club.
@24, Damn me for reading your post as I haven't seen last weeks American Horror.

I liked the quick clip of the zombies piling up on top of one another. Nice idea but the zombies are moving way too fast for my taste. I can live with some runners/hoppers but some of those scenes with the super fast zombies wasn't great.

Maybe there's a chance that the full movie will be much more similar to the story telling mode of the book.

I have only read the graphic novel version. So I can't talk about the book.
I mean I've only read the Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks graphic novel.
Looks very stupid.
I know a movie is almost never half as good as a book, but I can't remember when I've been so goddamn disappointed at a movie adaptation. I see nothing in this trailer that resembles anything from the book. I watched the whole trailer without realizing what it was (my husband put it on for me), and was thinking "wtf is this crap" until I saw World War Z at the end of the trailer and then I had to drink myself into a stupor to dull my rage. Like Paul said, I'm hoping it's VERY selectively edited to appeal to the viewer who wants to see CoD:Zombies! But as of right now you couldn't pay me to sit through this abomination.
Fuck you Brad, fuck you forever.
There is another, shorter trailer online which shows someone getting bitten by a zombie and then transforming almost instantly into a zombie himself, just like someone infected by the Rage virus in 28 Days Later. This destroys another significant component of the book: the horror a person bitten by a zombie experiences knowing that he will slowly turn into a zombie himself (in a matter of hours or days), and the dreadful choice he and those around him must make (turn into a zombie or take a bullet to the head).

The real zombie here is this movie: a lobotomized, stinking skeleton of the source novel.
How does the garbage truck run over the cop when there is traffic gridlock for miles?