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Even though the vaccine isn't that effective for younger infants, it is still exciting to have a vaccine for it at all.
Damn, no reiteration about the David Petraeus adultery to give me the opportunity to observe that Petraeus maybe did betray us after all!

Well, how about some Sotomayor on Sesame Street? I don't see Scalia pulling this off!…
That crying woman is Rob McKenna's sister.
And yeah, what a total fucking douche Romney is, though I suppose I'm mean enough to Nelson Munz (ha-HAAA) the aides rather than feel sorry for them. But as has been observed by many, if we hadn't already figured out how this penny counter treats people, this tells us how he would have presided.

Also, the report of Romney being shellshocked? That's his My Pet Goat moment.

McKenna has an Asian sister? Did someone tell her to shut up and speak English?

(Actually, I think the woman was one of his campaign directors.)
@ 2 That article was hilarious, wish I had seen it earlier. And yeah the woman was his outreach coordinator, but it's still such a weird photo.

Internet meme time? (Just don't stick that stupid gymnast in there.)
Wait! Didn't Rmoney's staff hear him say he loves to fire people? I bet they laughed when they heard him say that. Guess who's laughing now?
That's funny, last time I made the mistake of driving to, through and across Seattle during their rush hour the traffic was more congested than LA and the drivers were worse AND bigger dickbags.
If I was Obama, I would have covered those ex-Romney staffers' taxi and hotel bills just to further demonstrate how much of a total douchebag my ex-opponent was and how lucky we are to not have that sociopathic fuck as our next president.
@6, I believe "that woman" is Inslee for Governor campaign manager Joby Shimomura. Her outreach coordinator Samantha Casne is on the right, laughing with Jay over their boss letting loose in a moment of what must have been immense relief, having directed the Governor-elect's campaign to victory. Joby had managed Jay's 1998 congressional campaign to victory, too, then was his congressional chief of staff before leaving to follow in the artistic footsteps of her father, painter Roger Shimomura. She's had a hell of a political life so far, and it will be interesting to see if she returns to her art again now.

But yeah, by refusing to identify what's going on news folks seem happy to use the photo as giggle bait.
Shit, the Times says it's Unjin Lee. I'm going to say they're wrong, because that way maybe my comment is not just another marker of my downhill slide.
One thing I noticed during my career at The Four Seasons is that people with inherited wealth tend to be cheapskate dullards, while the people who made the money themselves tend to be generous.

There are exceptions, of course - the Bullitt family is the epitome of generous and gracious, and they've been wealthy for generations.

But Mitt's actions are exactly what you would expect from some privileged little bore.
30% effectiveness in the malaria vaccine still means 30% effectiveness. If it's 30% effectiveness v 70% no effect, then vaccinate all infants ASAP. Given the mortality/morbidity associated with infant malaria, saving 30% is totally worth it.
Interesting how green (that is, racist) Minnesota is on that twitter map. As green as Georgia, Tennessee and Louisiana.
@11 & 12 you are wrong-- the photo is Unjin Lee! And like many people in that room she is exhausted and very happy, that Jay Inslee is finally Governor after a long drawn out battle! Nice try though, at trying to act like you know what you are talking about
@ 16, LOL
The malaria vaccine is like the flu vaccine, only good for a season. It is difficult to reach and vaccinate everyone every year. There are some promising efforts of using seasonal climate forecasts to help target vaccinations (exploiting the relationship between the dry season and moquitos). Nets are effective too and useful year after year.
100% that's Unjin. She's a great friend of mine who worked her ass off and if it wasn't for her, Jay very well may not be our Governor. She kicked ass and is exhausted and elated.
Josh Trujillo at the PI took that picture. Y'all are kinda failing at crediting these days.… That's Inslee pointing out Lee as someone who kicked ass in getting him elected. She's happy and overwhelmed. I think it's a beautiful picture, and kicks the ass of some boring picture of Inslee standing at a podium.
Rmoney's cancellation of the credit cards shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone, including the employees whose cards got cancelled. Rmoney said that you have to make $200,000 a year to be considered "middle class", which probably included most of his campaign staff.

It also includes all school teachers, police, fire fighters, newspaper writers, you name it. I continue to be amazed that some of these people voted for Rmoney.
Rmoney's cancellation of the credit cards shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone. After all, this is a guy who said that you have to make $200,000 a year to qualify as middle class, so this includes most of his employees.

It also includes all teachers, police, andd newspaper writers. I continue to be amazed that some of these people voted for Rmoney.

to "madcap": good idea!