Slog Poll: Who Will the Seattle Times Endorse for Governor in 2016?


This is a great question. It's pretty sad that Dave Reichert is the top Republican in the state. McKenna has been running for Governor since forever. Will he go the DIno Rossi route and take another shot? Four years from now, the economy will be better, unemployment will be lower, demographics will have trended even more in the Democrats favor, and Inslee will be an incumbent. Things are looking good for Democrats in 2016, and bleak for the Seattle Times, who just lost a chunk of subscribers proving that print advertising is ineffective.
Re: "There won't be a Seattle Times in 2016."

I think the ST and The Oregonian are extraordinarily similar in nature. Both metropolitan based dailies catering mostly to the suburban and rural areas of the state, useful mostly for their sports pages, comics and sudokus. So I read a short write-up today predicting The Oregonian will soon scale back to a 5, 4, or even 3 day per week publication. I gotta say I'd be fine with that. Would cut costs considerably whilst still giving folks something to litter at the coffee shops and train stations for scavengers like myself to pick up and scan the for the outdated box scores, puzzles and Doonesbury.
There won't be a Seattle Times in 2016

Good Christ, we can only hope so. Their only hope is if Frank Blethen loses so much money that he sells the paper to someone with an ounce of integrity and human decency.
#3 Print journalism in the form of a daily is alive and well in many other thriving cities and I like your wish of Blethen selling to the highest ethical bidder. Shit. If Cleveland can have a top-ranking daily, Seattle should excel, given its talent base.
Nate Silver aptly demonstrated that statistical analysis is the future of journalism. The older generation continues to die off, and the days of counter-factual opinion pages are dying with them. As Joe Scarborough and Karl Rove demonstrated in this election cycle, you simply cannot argue with science.
They'll endorse Jaime Herrera in their now online-only newspaper
Something something Chomsky Schudson something something.

Too early. Need coffee.
Given the state of print media generally, and the PI specifically, its kind of surprising that the Times still exists at all.
They'll endorse Ellen Craswell. "Rested & Ready".
@5--man I would love for you to be right about that, but I fear that there will always be a robust market for bullshit.
I was disappointed at the lack of an option for "the literal devil promising tax cuts".
@9 Bravo!
Uh, @Tacoma Traveler, the print P-I closed in 2009. Where've you been?

The O is owned by the same people as the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, which went to three times a week Oct 1. It's a question of when, not if.
@ 10, there will always be a market for bullshit, but the people looking for it will always be wrong. It's one thing when they create their own media and, when truth hits to close to home, their own social networks and their own wikipedia. But if people aren't really going for the conservative message and agenda, they'll never create a math that will truthfully demonstrate that people are.
@5, the days of counter-factual online opinion pages has not died out, nor has FauxNews. I don't forsee a magical age of scientifically-injected journalism anytime soon.
@5 it's funny I've been following Silver since the baseball days. Watching this election brought back all the great baseball arguments of Veteran Grit, Batting Order, OPS vs BA, ERA being meaningful or worse the Win stat for pitchers.
It always struck me as a weird battle, advanced stats never changed my love of baseball. Just gave me more crap to think about.