Because Guns Make You Safer


Is University Village really so dangerous during the day that a Golden Girl needs to be packing a rod? Or was she in a similar mindset of other gun-totin' north Seattleites and looking out for who might cause body damage to her car or deny her a cup of coffee?
An idiot with a gun is an idiot first and foremost.

And, as always, Goldy is on about something that someone said a long time ago that does not appear to be referenced in this incident.
@1: Maybe she was worried that our Muslim Kenyan Communist Overlord is going to send his stormtroopers to take her gun away?
Does anyone know if she was arrested?
From my SUV
I step angry, gun in hand
Prices too high, BANG
Don't you be messin with them pistol-packin mamas from Laurelhurst.
Cue FiftyTwo-Eighty: (insert stoopid comment here)

And @5 - clap, clap, clap, clap
This really should have been an examination of crime in U Village, and how such an accident could be the only cause of a shooting there. I expect more from you, Goldy.
"If this woman was carrying a gun for her own protection, it didn't work out that way."

Thanks, Goldy. This is just the sort of deep insight that keeps us coming back.
@9 and here you are - it worked!
Last year, I went to University Village's Apple Store. I was appalled by all the SUVs with GOP bumper stickers. I also found the faux-village where nobody lived and all the little mock houses were just stores to be disturbing. What a strange environment, a place where every interaction was just an attempt to get me to spend money on crap I didn't need, and all my fellow inmates were averse to paying taxes for things we really do need.

No wonder she brought a gun.
Two teens were killed last night by a traffic pole.…

we should have traffic pole registration to prevent this. Or cars... or teenagers..

Wait which inanimate objects are we blaming today?
Hey, I just noticed that the quote from Christine Clarridge's article lede has "in" removed ("A woman in her 60s suffered in what appears to be an"). Good job reading and editing!
Last one:
SPD Blotter says
Today, just shortly after 12:00 noon officers responded to the University Village Mall on a report that a woman had shot herself. Officers arrived on scene and found a 60-year-old female in an office inside the salon. The woman had a self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.
According to the witnesses, the victim was in her office by herself with the door closed. Witnesses heard what sounded like a gunshot, and located the victim slumped over in her chair and bleeding from her chest and mouth.

So she managed the salon, and knew that the retail complex was a low-crime area, and if she was alone she was not defending herself from anyone nor shooting other people in the salon because of a divorce trial. Possible suicide attempt?
Cue the "Why, malls are just so awful and terrible and only terrible people go to them" comments.
@14 Suicide or accident, the gun didn't make her safer.

I know a lot of people think that owning a gun will make them safer, but having access to one is the number one risk factor for being a victim of one.
This proves my politics are correct and your politics are wrong.
"Suicide or accident, the gun didn't make her safer."

I don't think you know what "suicide" means. Maybe you should look it up.

"I know a lot of people think that owning a gun will make them safer, but having access to one is the number one risk factor for being a victim of one."

Then maybe you should get some of those people to post here because no one else seems to be claiming that. Can you do that?
Keep fucking that straw man.
I took my gun with me hiking today. I don't normally carry, even though I am licensed. But when I go hiking by myself I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. It was in a secure, level II holster on my hip. When I took it out and put it away, I was very careful. I'm all for common sense regulations and maybe licensing to show you're not an idiot the same way you need a license to drive a car. The moral the story: responsible people can carry guns safely. Who knows what this woman's issue was. Carelessness or suicide attempt.
Everyone is an idiot sometimes, at least for short periods.

Hi everyone, I work at U Village and got the story from a cop still hanging out at the scene.

The woman was the owner of Headline Salon at U Village, and she apparently found out she had cancer and shot herself. Not an accident.

No more snarky bs, ok? This is actually very sad and I hope she's ok.
Sorry, I'm fresh out of stoopid comments. Unfortunately, the world still has plenty of stoopid people. Some of them have guns. Even more of them have cars. Deal with it.
I blame this on the fact the landlord of U Village kicked out Barnes and Noble last year after refusing to renew their lease.

A book store in a mall keeps people calm. Take the books away and you are left with Real Housewives type trash all over the place
According to the stats the top two things Americans should worry about are heart disease and cancer. You would be better off writing a post a day about the dangers of not jogging.
@11 Stoopid malls and stoopid people that have different politics! Yet you were there buying shit at the Apple store.

You sound like a fucking infant.
I really think gun control is a dead issue. Please move on. Nothing to see here. The USA will never have any sort of gun control because of the idiotic interpretation of the 2nd amendment under which we currently suffer. And die by.
28 too. I was waayyy opposed to guns when my husband first got one back in 2004.
Hiking in the backcountry is the one time I am actually glad we have it.
@27: The amendment makes a clear distinction between "militia" and "people." It is quite clear that because "people" make up "militias," the "people" have the right to bear arms.

Perhaps this is a bad thing, but the amendment is being interpreted correctly as per the framer's intent. The grammar is very clear. What tends to be lost in this debate is that some people do need guns. Not everyone lives in a city or suburb. Some people need to protect themselves or their property from natural predators.

Now if you are talking about the interpretation that this means "any gun control measure is unconstitutional," then you have a point.
If I need a gun to go hiking, I'm just not going to go hiking. What are the guns for? Fighting crazy survivalists, or fighting crazy mama bears? Rabid squirrels? Other gun nuts?
We backpack for days/weeks at a time. The gun is in case we get attacked by wild animals. We have seen bear, elk, etc. While I would never want to harm another living being, if my family (dogs & hubby) were being attacked, I would probably fire the gun to scare away the attacking animal.
Also, there are crazy survivalist types out there.Remember the two women randomly killed on a hike near Darrington 2003?
Just showing creepy folk that the gun is on me, particularly when I hike alone, makes me feel safer.
This woman is dead, her family devastated, the staff in shock and probably out of work. Compassion is free.
Ah. A clear sign the election - and it's easy narrative - is clearly over. Were back to our usual outrage machine Straw-manning.

Up next: Pit Bulls Ate Your Baby.
@22 I'm sorry to hear that. Cancer is a hard thing to face.
She was a suicidal drug addict. Always was. Not an accident. She offed herself in the middle f a work day in her office. Everyone there fed into her addictions and helped keep her nuts. Her husband and children too. This was not do to gun violence blah, blah, blah, . Suicide