Responding to our call to those "moochers" who "sleep till noon" and elected Barack Obama president, lots more folks have sent in their stories:

The cast of Don't Trust the B in Apt 23:


"Good morning, Cal! Got to set today at 6am! Love, the cast of Don't Trust the B in Apt 23!"

Tele Aadsen:


"My name is Tele Aadsen, and I'm an Alaskan commercial fisherman. My partner and I run our own salmon troller, the 43-foot Nerka. It's just the two of us, catching each fish one by one, cleaning/processing/freezing/glazing them, navigating, maintaining the boat, managing safety, cooking, at sea for weeks at a time. We're up before dawn (that's a 2:45 AM alarm on July 1st) and in our bunk after dusk. One day it took me 10 hours to find time to eat an English muffin.

"When we're not on the water, we're marketing our salmon and supporting the Port Townsend economy with expensive boat projects, while pursuing our own side businesses, me as a writer, he as a landscape photographer. We began crewing on our parents' fishing vessels as small children, learning how to work at an early age and instituting ferocious work ethics. We have some other ethics, too, like supporting clean oceans and clean air, marriage equality, and women's rights. That's why we campaigned for Barack Obama in North Carolina in 2008, why we voted for him this year, and why we'll continue to vote for candidates who share these values."

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Sarah Nezzer:


"I'm an academic adviser at the University of New Mexico (gasp, I'm a government employee!). I'd love to go back to sleep, but since 8 this morning students have magically appeared in my office asking me questions. Funny how that happens when you voted for Obama."

Mary Baumer:


"Hi I'm Mary and I voted for Obama here I am at work every morning from 730 til 430 or later every day. I work for a large international financial services firm, although everyone here but me voted for Romney, I pay taxes I work 40 hrs a week I've never been on welfare or food stamps but my husband did have to claim unemployment for a short period when the market crashed in 2007 under bush's watch and he lost his job....So I guess we are moochers after all.... But he voted for Romney? I guess I'm confused huh maybe if I got more sleep?"

Chris Blakeley:


"Not only am I at work before noon, but I work in manufacturing! Granted, I can't imagine any politician would rush to embrace bondage rope, but still.

I'm Chris Blakeley. I get to work before noon and most days I take more work home. Voting for Obama wasn't simply easy, but thanks to the idiocy of Romney and his enablers, it was a joy."

Ben Oleson:


"Sleeping till noon. Shoot, I wish. I am up at 5:30 a.m. everyday, in order to complete paperwork for my landscaping business before the guys show up and we all go out in the field till dusk.

"My background is finance and accounting - which I enjoyed - before I decided to focus on something I enjoyed even more. We are a single income family, so I feel a lot of pressure to make this work. When I work at 110%, we do pretty well...and as soon as I say, "well, this is going okay, maybe I can take a few days off" we are losing money. My wife is more educated and has a better resume than me, but it just worked out it was better financially to put all our chips on the business, rather than her career. (We'll see!)"

"So yeah, I'm a small business owner and a job creator (12 gardeners, all paying taxes.) My support for Obama is not altruistic—I and all my contractor buddies stand to make a lot of money if infrastructure becomes a priority in this country, and if the middle class is too busy working to mow their own lawns, and if we take employee healthcare out of our overhead costs. I voted for the pro-business candidate: Obama."

Joshua M. Collins:


"Obama voter. Working today. On a federal holiday. Love that you sort of look like John Waters [he says to Cal Thomas]. Keep up the good work smearing the majority of Americans who you know absolutely nothing about - it's working very well! "

Emily Sullins:


"I'm Emily Sullins and I'm up at 7:00 with my almost-two-year-old, Lincoln, every morning. Today I put a pot of milk on the stove first thing to make our yogurt for the week (saves money!), then took the munchkin to the library and a playground (both free) before coming home for lunch. Cooking from scratch, choosing free activities, and eating in most of the time are some of the little choices we make in order to get by comfortably on just my husband's salary while the kid is young. My husband is a Navy veteran, and we're both proud, hardworking supporters of President Obama. Tell Cal Thomas that he can send me some of that delicious government cheese any time he wants, but until then we'll just keep paying our taxes and voting Democrat."

Sean Pfleuger:


"I have two jobs. I'm a non-profit worker by day 9 to 6 and professional singer at night. I pay my taxes and don't own my own house (yet) so I don't get that tax benefit either. I voted for President Obama in '08 and '12 along with the majority of the American public."

WOW! Thanks for the huge response, everyone! We'll be posting these before noon all week. If you're an Obama voters "sleeping till noon," you can email me a photo and a brief description here.