Holy Crap: More Lazy Obama Supporters "Sleeping Till Noon"!


The only moochers I know of are called political pundits. I mean what do any of them contribute? They are the ultimate takers

My wife and I own our own business. Let me tell you that is hard. And being a capitalist with conscience is harder.

For years we camouflaged our super-liberal leanings so as to not offend potential clients. But as time went on we just couldn't anymore. It was who we are as people and as a business. So we came out and proud as liberals and decided that even where it might lose us money, our principles were going to come first. Not that we were blind ideologues. We will work with anybody. Anybody with compassion and integrity no matter their politics.

After a rough spot business went through the roof. Turns out there are a whole lot of us out there. Not only that some of those big mean old corporations want to work with businesses that respect integrity and principle. Even the "conservative" ones.

Best decision we ever made.
Whao, Tele Aadsen has my favorite picture and looks like a total badass!
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Re: Ben Oleson, I share your wish that infrastructure becomes a priority in the U.S., but my hopes are not high—we're dead last among developed nations in percent of GDP invested.

Real businesspeople like Ben, as opposed to empty suits and political consultants, understand the importance of building for the future.
Dude. It's a holiday.

Why did you wake up so early?
Don't you just hate it when someone can look cute in a cam pic? I need three hours of hair and makeup and Annie Leibovitz in a studio to look a third as charming. Grrr.

Congrats, guys, on your vote, victory, and your pre-dawn successes. Thanks! Never believed the Republican line on who and what were are. Just shows how way out of touch they are.
Maybe if you try to force this meme a little bit harder it will become relevant/funny
the lack of diveristy in slog ardent readership is simply not stunning
@8 A holiday where? Other than government employees, I don't know a single person for whom today is a holiday.
I sleep till noon, but to be fair, I work till midnight.
Thanks for creating this meme. The right-wing nutjobs would console themselves that they are better people than Obama-supporters (yeah, that'll win votes!) but here's living, breathing proof that they're full of it. Of course, I only need to look at the hardworking people I know and love who voted for Obama.

So, who's more white as a group...Romney voters, or people featured by SLOG!?!
I don't approve of putting a SAHM on this list.
Slog is filled with guilty white liberals; doesn't that count for something?
Hey, I crewed on the Nerka in '91! Don Power was the skipper.
@16, I know it's trite and I don't want to go all mommy wars on you... but I work way harder as a SAHM than I did before I had a kid, when I was a waitress and a teacher. I'm up at 5:30 every day, I'm at a friend's house watching her kid and taking her to school between 6:30 and 8:30, I (like the SAHM in this article) make all our food from scratch to save money, clean, keep the kid entertained, wash cloth diapers, and finally stop at 7:30 when I put my kid to bed. I miss those 8 hour shifts and piles of papers sometimes.
@16 - whatever, dude. I'm that SAHM in the picture and Cal Thomas was insulting me along with every other Obama supporter out there. I don't think my work is any less valuable because it doesn't come with a paycheck, one I'd have to sign over to a daycare or nanny if I WAS working outside the home. And one thing's for damn sure: I never, ever sleep in.
Holy hell Krysten Ritter is hot. That is all.

Oh, and a big FUCK YOU to @16.
The problem isn't that SAHMing isn't work. The problem is that it's sexist and therefore over-celebrated. Providing free labor to men is a terrible idea. And:

"Because if raising the next generation were really all that mattered, we could basically go live in caves and reproduce for all of eternity and call it a day."

@22, that article and that position has nothing to do with this post. I never said that raising my son was the most important thing in my life (although incidentally, fuck you, it is), but it's what I do with my days NOW, and it's work. Fishing and landscaping and acting and the other jobs of people in this post aren't the only things that matter either, but they're work and they're important. Go sit on a tack.
@23, jobs shouldn't be segregated by gender. I'd like to hear someone defend the position that they should be.
You've never heard of a stay at home dad?
Yes, I've heard of them and they're about 3% of stay-at-home parents and that percentage is not likely to increase. Thanks for proving my point about sexism.
Can I just send you a photo of my grease-stained work clothes after a second ten-hour day in a row? The rest of me doesn't look much more attractive right now.

(A corollary to the above, that I think deserves a little thought: yesterday was the actual Veteran's Day, and today was the official holiday. I am a veteran, with service during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. In the twenty years since I completed my service and was honorably discharged, I have had Veteran's Day off exactly once.)

Moocher, I am.
Tele Aadsen IS a total badass! There aren't enough words to describe how much good she's done in this world.
@26 you are TOTALLY right. I should get my husband to quit his job which pays our mortgage and provides our healthy insurance, and I'll go back to waitressing and adjunct teaching so that we can prove a point about sexism. I'll also tell my SAHD friends (of which I have many, and who are doing that job for the same reason that I am doing mine - their partner's job is the one that makes more money and provides benefits) that they don't count.
I also think that putting Emily's photo on this list is COMPLETELY relevant to this conversation. Republicans are trying to characterize liberals as lazy non-workers, but in reality they are the people who they claim to be rooting for - working people with families. We're not saying that stay-at-home parenting is harder or a more important job than that of a doctor or a cube-zombie or a fisherman. And we're not saying that all women should be SAHMs. I know that staying home with my son was a reasoned choice that I freely made, and I'm guessing that it was for Emily, too. And isn't choice, and not assuming that our own choices are for everyone else, what feminism (and liberalism) is about? So chill.
Oh, it's choice feminism now. Give me a break.

Choices have consequences. When millions of women do men's family work for free, it perpetuates the idea that household work is women's work and also provides an unfair advantage to those particular men in the workplace. For this reason, it's irresponsible to suggest (as this column does, by including a SAHM in its list of workers) that being a SAHM is unproblematic.

Look, I know we live in the world we live in. I'm actually not saying that anyone should quit being a SAHM right now (although actually you should consider it; you'd be screwed in the event of a divorce), because the combined stress of unrealistic work expectations (for everyone) and unrealistic parenting expectations (for women only, of course) are very hard on families. But I am saying that we should all pull our heads out of the sand about it. IT'S SEXIST (and don't even get started on SAHDs - that's a total red herring, as I mentioned earlier).

Here, an analogy. I'm a woman and a feminist, and so I strongly believe that men and women should be treated absolutely equally. Yet even so, I present as a woman: I have long hair and wear makeup and jewelry and skirts and heels. That's because even though I don't think men and women should have separate expectations for their appearance, I'm not willing to make the sacrifice of presenting androgynously because our current society would judge me in certain ways (they'd assume I'm letting myself go, or that I'm a lesbian, or that I'm trying to make a statement, or who knows what). But if you asked me if my style of dress is sexist, I wouldn't deny it. Because it is. I might not be happy about that, but that doesn't make it less true.
Well, you come off as a total dick, so congrats, I guess. By all means, continue assuming that you know everything about people like me because of our choices, continue underestimating our intelligence, continue arguing that your way of life is the only way of life. You'll be sounding more like the patriarchy in no time.
Your argument is bogus, but even if it weren't, this isn't the place for it! Republicans said Obama voters were lazy and sleep until noon. The Stranger asked for photos of Obama voters not sleeping until noon. I'm one of them and a full-time parent. LEAVE IT ALONE.

As for the argument, how is being a SAHM doing men's family work for free? My husband's salary is OUR MONEY. He "pays" me for the childrearing, cooking, cleaning, and other family work that I do by providing for my needs and contributing to my Roth IRA every month.

I don't care if my life is problematic to you. It allows me to raise my kid, to have a great family life, and to spend some of my time fighting so that other families will have more and better opportunities. If we had single-payer healthcare and a government-subsidized creche daycare on every corner, I would've gone back to work sooner and stopped providing my husband with the "unfair advantage" having a wife at home provides. But we don't, and it is bullshit to blame full-time parents for doing the calculus that says it's better for everyone, me included, for me to stay home while the kid(s) is in diapers.

Bottom line though: this is not the place to have that argument! Lay off and take your agenda elsewhere. I've got work to do.
My only argument here is that the population of SAHMs are perpetuating sexism and therefore I don't think it's appropriate to list a SAHM in the accompanying article (so @33 is wrong, the point is relevant). I'll just point out that no one has rebutted this argument. Replying to "SAHM-ism is sexist" with "It works for me" is a non sequitur.
By living my life, I'm perpetuating sexism? What if I was a nurse or teacher or another traditionally-female profession? Exactly how radical must my choices be in order to fit with your standards?
There's a big difference between "traditionally" female and "almost unilaterally" female.
Just like the "feminists are lesbian witches" conservatives, you seem to think that women are all symbols, and not ACTUAL FUCKING PEOPLE.