Happy Monday: Last week's election results weren't a dream. Stop pinching yourself! (But keep reading things with headlines like this: "California Republicans Teetering on Irrelevance," because it's fun.)

Happy Monday: It's Veterans Day (observed). Thank someone. Take advantage of free parking. Don't go to the post office.

Just Awful: Brendan reports this morning that local comedian and People's Republic of Koffee owner Tristan Devin has died.

David Petraeus: Details of his career-crushing affair are slowly leaking.

European Crisis Continues: Eurozone finance ministers debating new funds for Greece. Meanwhile, hundreds of families face eviction each day in Spain.

Unexplained Explosion in Indianapolis Neighborhood: Five homes destroyed, 200 people evacuated, seven people injured, two presumed dead, no answers yet.

Tony Burnett, 49, was lying in bed watching the Notre Dame football game a little after 11 p.m. when the explosion shook his home, knocked down doors and blew out windows.
He said he ran outside and saw that the house across the street, 8349 Fieldfare, was gone. Houses on either side were in flames.
Debris fell like snow.

Fake Cops: Rob Marysville couple, according to the real cops. "The men knocked on the door of the home Sunday morning and identified themselves as police officers. They wore clothing and equipment that led the couple to believe they were law enforcement officers."

Oh, Man: Billionaire who died with his family in a helicopter crash in 2010 "allowed his 5-year-old daughter to sit on his lap in the co-pilot's seat where she apparently kicked the flight controls and caused the accident, according to federal investigators."