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I'll be a very sad panda if this is the last we see of Michonne. I mean, I would trust most writers not to be that stupid, but this is The Walking Dead we're talking about here.

You do remember that the *very first scene* of the very first episode featured Grimes shooting a kid in the head, right?
We were a bit pre-skeeved out by that same thought- and grateful for the possum. And whodathunk Darryl would be the baby whisperer? Who's gonna have a happy woody when Carol turns up alive holed up somewhere safe in the bowels of the prison????
Hey! At least they used hygienic, free range zombies for the "cage" match.
I mean, it would certainly be STUPID of them to risk their best fighters on the off chance that one of them gets a little boo boo or something when wrassling and one of the zombies oozes some zombie blood and goo onto it.
Which then gets infected.
So they're almost certainly using sanitary zombies.

And that's the dumbest part of the show for me.
All the hand to hand zombie combat with the characters yelling and no one ends up spitting out zombie brains and bone and blood and goo afterwards.
Even if they are otherwise covered in zombie blood.

So why was the cage match a surprise?
Did everyone at the town party just avoid talking about it?
Or did our heroes just avoid talking to any of the regular town folk?
Ponchos say "Hi, I haven't bathed in the past month"
"Hello dinner!"
What did they bury in the graves dug for Lori and Carol?
@3: Everyone's *already* infected--you turn into a walker if you die, not if you get bit, unless the bite kills you. Did you miss the end of the last season?
#4 I was on the same track, are ponchos coming back in fashion?
This show has gotten too stupid for words. I realize it's a big fan boy wet dream because of the graphic novels and all. But for fuck sake can't writers develop believable identifiable characters AND action for once without contriving epic stupidity. Holding up in a PRISON? Clearly the zombie infection also makes people into morons. And. The constant "let's split up" trope? Really?

I gave up after episode two this season. The, sexism, predictability and stupidity just overwhelms my need to see post-apocalyptic people get their faces eaten I guess.
I was glad to see the ringing telephone in this episode. Rick's mental instability has been one of the more interesting aspects of the comic book story.

That said, I am disappointed in how Lori died. In the comics, the zombies begin to pose less of a threat in comparison to the threat of other humans. Many of the most horrifying deaths in the books are at the hands of people, not zombies. In the books, Lori was holding the new baby and was shot, and the bullet killed both her and the baby.

The show has yet to develop that theme. That despite the apocalypse, the greatest threat to survival is the living.
@4 and @8 - that pic grabbed me too, but my first thought was—Apocalypse or no, you did NOT cut a hole in a Pendleton, did you?
"Everyone's *already* infected--you turn into a walker if you die, not if you get bit, unless the bite kills you."

Or any other disease / bacteria / virus that would be carried by a dead person that has been eating (but not necessarily digesting) raw meat for the past year.

And while they may have doctors, their supply of medicine should be approaching the end of its shelf-life.

You don't think they're heading in that direction with the guvnah and his minions? They murdered a bunch of National Guardsmen.
I hope to fuck they do something with Michonne's role on the show. There was a reason she's a fan favorite and they are not doing that character any justice. I'm about to the point with the show timeline where I quit reading the comic, so I have no idea what they'll do.

@9 Why is holing up in a prison a bad idea? I grant that it's handled a bit better in the comic, but it's a far better idea than the farm or them just wandering around for the winter avoiding zombie herds.

And I'll be defensive in saying that the show averages 9-10MM total viewers an episode, so I think we can safely conclude that this show is appealing to more than the fan "boys".
I was really disappointed not to get zombie toddlers.
It is a shame they treat Andrea (Blondie McGunnerson) as such a worthless idiot on the show all of a sudden. She was interesting, skillful, and competent in the books for basically the whole run.

@1: Don't worry about that, although it looks like Michonne dodged a hell of a bullet in the jump to TV...unless they are going to draw out the Woodbury arc way too far, like they did with the farm.

@9: Holing up in a prison is a really good idea. Fences, guard towers, locks on every door, open land for farming, medical bay, beds, space, food storage, armory, etc. It is true that the books treated this much better, as the survivors were not constantly wandering into the dark corridors alone for no reason, and they actually bothered to secure the medical facilities, kitchen, and armory.