I posted this early this morning, but it has been updated.

Local comedians, as well as CHS blog, are reporting that Tristan Devin—a comedian, comedy producer, and the proprietor of the People's Republic Kafe, which is partnered with Scratch Deli—has passed away.

He was reportedly found inside his cafe Sunday morning. (The city's 911 records show a call to that address on Sunday at 9 am.) The cause of death has not been confirmed.

Devin was a central figure in the independent comedy scene, including People's Republic of Komedy.

Condolences to all.


There had been rumors that Devin committed suicide, but I was reluctant to post them until confirmed by an eyewitness or an official report.

Ian Thackaberry, the owner of Scratch Deli, confirms the sad news:

Hello Brendan,

My name is Ian Thackaberry. I am the owner of Scratch Deli. We did not find Tristan inside the cafe - that is a false report. He had hung himself in the alley behind the cafe. The entire community is shocked - we never saw it coming.


Ian also says there will be a memorial service for Devin tomorrow at the People's Republic Kafe around 7 pm. All are welcome.

Again, many condolences to all.