Those brave souls behind the second Atlas Shrugged movie disaster are still plugging away at their little website, pretending that they still have a chance at recouping their terrible losses. One of the ways they're trying to sell movie tickets? A blog, recounting the many Randian victories that happen in their everyday life.

And this is the best post yet! Let's set the scene. It opens, as all absolutely true blog posts do, with the promise, "This is a true story. It happened exactly as described." Our Randian hero is dining at a McDonald's, where he enjoys the twinned treats of salty fat and capitalism. Because it is Election Day, he is beset on all sides by people babbling about Barack Obama. A McDonald's employee confides in our hero that he can't wait until these Democratic buffoons, these takers, leave his establishment. Then, our hero happens to overhear a man saying positive things about Obamacare. Our hero simply cannot take it anymore. He ripostes the taker, and then launches into a heroic monologue:

In other words, you're proud of the fact that instead of paying for your health insurance yourself, you and Obama have ganged up on ME and have forced me, at the point of a gun, to pay for part of your health insurance. You're actually PROUD of the fact that you are mooching off of me and all those people working behind the counter in McDonald's... that you're part of a gang that is using the power of the government to FORCE us to pay for your healthcare. Instead of feeling ashamed... instead of bowing your head and cowering in front of all the people you are depending on to pay for your healthcare insurance... instead of meekly thanking them for the sacrifices they are being forced to make in order to benefit YOU... instead, you stand there claiming that you're PROUD! What do you have to be PROUD of? Are you proud of the fact that you're unable or unwilling to take care of yourself? Are you proud of the fact that you're stealing part of their wages for your own personal greed? No... shame is what you should feel. Disgrace... embarassment... and gratitude... along with a strong dose of remorse... because YOU can't or won't take care of yourself and so you joined a mob of others who can't or won't take care of themselves... and together you've figured out how to force US to take care of you. Shame on you.

The McDonald's falls silent. Our hero has stunned everyone to silence with his reason and his dignity. The taker whispers that he would like his order to go. Our hero is victorious. That is exactly as it happened. The story is true.