Ed Murray Elected Senate Majority Leader


Fuck yeah! What great news!
Does election as Majority Leader mean it's less likely Ed will run for Mayor next year?
Ooh, maybe he should run for all the offices and be declared King of Washington.
Fun fact: first time the speaker of the house and senate majority leader (the leaders of each chamber) are from the same district.
Well deserved.
@4 - As a resident of that district, I am concerned. Frank Chopp has become notorious for telling his own consitutents to go bother someone else when they have concerns: he is the Speaker of the House, after all, and doesn't have time to worry about mere voters. With Murray being elevated to a similar situation, the voice of the 43rd District will be severely diminished.
@7: Or doubled.
@3 Perhaps we can enlist Tim Eyman to bring up a ref declaring the king.
Isn't it wonderful how both Patty and her husband have become so accomplished?
Congratulations to Ed! Great guy, great leader.
@6: as a fellow resident (and PCO) in the 43rd I totally get and agree w/your comments re Chopp and am hopeful that Ed doesn't fall into the same trap. I don't think he will, but now that he's won his main legislative battle I could easily see it happen.
In other news, Ed Murray isn't running for mayor.
What @2 @4 @11 @12 said.

And now to make Seattle our 59th State of the Union.
@12, don't bet either way yet. I would expect that if the Dem majority holds together, he'll stay in the Senate, but if Tom and Sheldon fuck everything up, even the dysfunction of Seattle city politics will seem like a paradise to Senator Murray in comparison.
Good luck and congratulations!
If the Dems retain the Senate, will Murray be the President Pro Tem of the Senate (ie Chopp's counterpart), or is that a separate position?
65 votes are the difference in the District 17 race with 5,200 votes left to count.

It's close.
The race swung in Benton's favor in Tuesday's count, which could leave Murray driving a clown car.

Incidentally, isn't it odd to have both houses chaired by 43rders? How often does that happen ... and does it give the R's a juicy set-up for Campaign 2014?