Obama Voters "Sleep Till Noon"?


you're fat
A side benefit of this running series is getting to learn about all the fascinating people who also read Slog!
This is just as interesting as the previous four were.
I wish I could get my spouse to take a picture of himself at work, but his work place won't allow it. He fits the republican demographic of well paid older white male.
Oh wait - he's well educated and that fits in more with the democrat demographic.
Sorry...I still think this is pointless and unnecessary. No matter how many of these you post, no matter how blindingly obvious the incorrectness of the right's belief system, they won't stop believing it. They don't operate via logic and reasoning; the only thing they understand is winning and losing.

But happily, they lost. Let me say it again: THEY LOST. And unless the left screws it up or, somehow, they evolve, they'll keep losing, because the demographics have permanently turned against them.

When your enemies are making mistakes, don't interrupt them. So let them say stupid shit like this, and get out of the way.
@5) No one is making you read it.
Rebecca Crawford is HOT.
@Schmacky- it's all about independents and the perrenial undecideds. Show them, over and over, why the progressives are the better choice.
Wow, Slog is whiter than a Mitt Romney rally.
I, too, am finding this series both engaging and inspiring. Get on with your bad selves, hardworking Obama supporters!
@5 - I think we all know that they aren't interested in logic. Just enjoy everyone's stories. I'm loving getting a glimpse at the cool work that sane, intelligent people are doing every day, keep 'em coming :)
Hey, I'm enjoying everyone's stories, in just annoyed at feeling like we have to respond to every imbecilic belief they put out there.

If Cal Thomas goes on Hannity and says all Obama voters eat babies for breakfast, will The Stranger start posting photos of people eating corned beef hash?
@13) Stop being deliberately obtuse. This isn't just one imbecilic belief. This isn't just one statement, as the post explains. This is a key component of the modern GOP's core political philosophy--and it deserves to be earnestly mocked.
I like it. Keep posting them.
I'm enjoying it.
@1: How about you send in a picture of yourself then, rather than seek shelter in internet anonymity?

I would rather be fat than a cowardly internet tough guy hiding behind a computer.

Do it, if you are not afraid to have your statements attached to your picture.

But you won't. You are a coward.
Lovely photos and stories! I am at work by 5:30 am each and every weekday myself (but way too ugly to photograph. LOL!).

This reminds me of the 47% response videos that sprang up during the campaign season.

Keep the stories/photos coming!
I second @15's comment. This is important stuff. It's a self-portrait of Slog readership, an unprecedented record of what it means to live in America in the 21st century. Not anonymous comment trolls but real people. Awesome.
@19) Thanks, dad!
Does anyone in Olympia who sleeps 'til noon "sleep" at a place that's hiring? Everyone I've ever worked for (including my current part-time job) will tell you I'm intelligent, hard-working, easy to get along with, and pretty damn good at anything you can throw at me.

My résumé, on the other hand, will tell you I've been spending the last 20 years farting around and trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. (As Dilbert once said, intelligence has far less practical application than you'd think.)
It's a good series, but I for one favor not engaging in this discussion with the Cal Thomases of the world. Let them go unrebutted, continue misinforming their mush-brained audience, and drag the entire GOP apparatus to the bottom of the fucking ocean.
Dominic, I love ya, and I swear I'm not trying to be obtuse. I just think that after the election we just had, it's simply not necessary to mock the crazy shit these people say, even if--especially if--it's a "core component" of their belief structure. In my view, the left is best served right now by letting the other side's stupidity stand nakedly on its own. It's been exposed. The nightmare is over. The right isn't going to win anymore, at least not anytime remotely soon, with this whole pitting people against each other thing. The country's demographics have now made that strategy untenable. The more they do it, the more they'll lose. Maybe that's overly optimistic, but I really feel there's been a shift. Their bullshit just stinks too much.

I like reading these...love hearing about people's lives and the cool/hard/sincere work they do. But you're blowing the lid off the fact that people are amazing and work hard and vote Democrat, and that is so completely unnecessary. You risk legitimizing their rank argument by responding to it, by dignifying it with a response.

If this is really at the core of what they believe--and I think you're right about that--then it just makes them look that much worse with the majority of voters for putting such a demonstrably ridiculous and offensive theme at the heart of their entire philosophy.

Keep posting stories. I like them, everyone likes them. I'm aware I'm in the minority here based on the comment thread, and maybe this kind of due diligence, if I may call it that, is necessary. I would just say we need to start acting like winners, and stop being so defensive. Let these idiots hang themselves. We don't have to help them do it.
That was nice. Now we just need Mark-at-the-print-shop's digits.
You risk legitimizing their rank argument by responding to it, by dignifying it with a response.
The only problem with taking the high road is that - when a lie is repeated often enough - people will actually believe it. We've just seen how much, as incredulous as many of the lies were. But these people - with real names and occupations - are saying IT'S NOT TRUE, SO STOP MAKING THIS SHIT UP.
Shout out to Sean! Roosevelt class of '88 represent!
@25...I totally get what you're saying. But my point is that we are now in a different world. If Dominic launched this series on November 5th, it would be fine. But in my view a tipping point, or whatever you want to call it, has been reached. The right wing lie machine is crippled. The election results are so far out of line with the shit they were peddling, they've lost a crucial sliver of credibility. As of November 7th, Roger Ailes, Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, and all the other lying gasbags are bordering on being comic figures. They were exposed. Everybody caught on, or at least a majority did.

Thrre will be stops and starts, and 48% of the country are still delusional, listening to the wrong people, etc. But that percentage is dropping, and now, for the first time in a long, long while, the right has to actually say something worth refuting before anyone should bother.