Mitt Romney Didn't Learn a Thing


This is further confirmation that his behavior of seeming out of touch wasn't pandering to the rabid GOP. He's totally deluded. It also further proves that the majority of America made the right choice.
Romney and Ryan lost the election entirely on their own: they most certainly did not need anyone's help in that regard.
The modern conservative movement, by its nature, appeals to the sort of person incapable of introspection. People who are prepared to honestly analyze their mistakes and learn from them won't be attracted to the GOP to begin with. It's just an incompatible personality trait.

The good news about this is that it means they'll just dig themselves deeper and deeper over time. The bad news, of course, is that they'll still manage to do some damage in the meanwhile.
"But wait! There's more! Vote now and get this FREE monogrammed Zippo to burn the few remaining filthy shreds of the Constitution that fall from the treads of Leader Obama's shoes!"
Mitt ...who? Can't say I have ever heard of him. Was he a child molester or something?
Take some comfort. Mitt Romney has spent his entire life wanting to do what his rather tried to do and failed, and failed.
"Mitt" "Romney" Sounds made up...

So did he give "big gifts" the 75% of Asian-Americans who voted for him too?

Even I say...he calls those grapes sour because they cannot reach them.
@ 3, "modern?" Back in college, I heard a professor say this in a lecture. Herbert Hoover was interviewed near the end of his life, and alleged that people voluntarily quit their jobs in 1930-32 to go into business for themselves, selling pencils, apples, and the like.

Republicans have looooong valued the myth of free enterprise to the point that they can't accept its failures, even when they're staring them in the face. That shit goes all the way back to the founding of the Colonies.
For a successful businessman, he sure is shitty at branding.
So basically anything that amounts to good governance is a big "gift" to minorities, the young, and women. Yeah, Mitt. Fuck you. Glad we get to avoid your myopic vision of government these next four years, you insipid turd.
Boo fucking hoo, you fucking loser. The only people Rmoney promised anything already own everything.
Meanwhile Obama, in his press conference today, was totally polite when asked whether he'd checked in with Romney yet to get his opponent's input on the next few years, noting that he'd done a great job running the Olympics. I don't think Obama meant a word of it - he must despise the guy - but he knows how to be professional, presidential; knows what to say and what not to say. Unlike... some people.
No, wait, wait. Let's stipulate that Romney's right, that we horrible Dems pandered to women, Hispanics, blacks and the young. Somehow. Like, probably trying to be fair to them or some other underhanded tactic.

Who was Romney pandering to? Who was he promising what to? The proto-theocrats, with an extra dose to Mormons who believed he would usher in a period of... some Prophesy. The racists -- get that damned Kenyan n....r out of our White House! The loons and their "Second Amendment Solutions." Hedge fund managers -- no more taxes on carried interest, dividends and cap gains! The xenophobes -- force all those damned foreigners to deport themselves; brilliant! Misogynists -- how dare women disobey men; when we impregnate you, you're giving birth; when you have sex, you should get pregnant. Homophobes -- keep those icky, icky fags in the closet, or prison. And to everyone (or at least white people), free money! Somehow we're going to reduce everyone's taxes and give everyone jobs and take back everything we ever gave poor people. And blacks.

In the pander-fest that was the Republican campaign, they absolutely buried the Dems, and took all the gold medals. No, when it came to special constituencies, promises, gifts and pandering, YET AGAIN the fucking Republicans do (whatever) and then turn around and accuse the Democrats of having been the ones who were doing it.

My baby sister did that to me all the time. She was cuter and could get away with it. These Republicans aren't that cute.
These screwed views of his come directly from his religion. It's all there (Nephites vs Lamanites) and I believe he believes it. So he'll sleep just fine, the sleep of the faithful (next to his car elevator)

It just falls to Tagg (or his son Zaff or his son Bazz..) to fulfill the white horse prophecy.
Did that woman really get a free phone or was she delusional? I voted for Obama and I didn't get any big gifts—other than the best gift of all: That I thought I'd never have to hear the name Mitt Romney again for the rest of my life.

Not that I have much love for Mormons, but how does that explain his father? They shared the same religion, but George Romney was, by far, a much more decent and upstanding human being.
This infuriates me. I'm comforted knowing Paul Constant agrees with me.
I like the part where he tells his donors that the results were "very close". Floating in that bubble to the very end.
It is interesting to note that fewer Mormons voted for Willard than they did for W in 2004. Even his own religion hates him!
So, let's just be clear on this, Romney was running on .... what .... exactly ... that Obama undercut with his "gifts" to the "special interests" (like "women").

Because the way I recall it Romney refused to provide any details because specifics would be used against him by Obama's team.

The same as Romney refused to release his tax returns because they would just provide "ammunition" for Obama's team.

The same as Romney claiming that Obama was wrong on Iraq (Afghanistan / Libya / Russia / etc) but then not being able to provide any clear distinction between what Obama did and what Romney would have done.

But it's really about those women / blacks / hispanics and such voting for Obama so they'd get more free stuff because those women / blacks / hispanics would rather have free stuff than a well run country (well run not being defined until after the election).

Those damn women / blacks / hispanics!
Losing by 60 million votes in the popular vote and by over 100 in the electoral college does not qualify as "very close."
Oops. sorry. 3 Million votes. not 60.
Gifts?! No one told me about gifts! Awesome, I love gifts. Can I vote for Obama some more?

No. There are a number of privately operated, but federally subsidized, discount phone providers in America. They are for poor people. They utilize a program that can be traced back to the early 80s. The current version was created by Bush II.

Some of these programs advertise themselves as Obamaphones or whatever, but they are in no way directly related to his Administration.
Big gifts, like Social Security, and Medicare, and the Veteran's Administration. Shameful, I know.

Look at these Welfare States: Alaska, Alabama, Mississippi, Idaho, West Virginia, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota -- red states all. There is a very strong correlation between states that receive more federal spending than they pay out and Republican voting. This is duplicated at the county level here in Washington; Eastern Washington counties are parasites on the economy of Puget Sound. It's REPUBLICANS who suckle at the tax dollar teat, not Democrats.
Uh, I meant @16. Sorry.
Romney was promising a 20% cut in income taxes across the board, PLUS lower corporate taxes, PLUS he was going to cut regulations on business AND increase military spending by two billion dollars. Don't all those things counts as "gifts" and "incentives"?

Where are his tax returns, anyway?
He was going to do all that @28 and throw in a free Ginsu Knife on top, It can cut through a tin can and still cut a tomato like that!
It's not just Romney -- 'the takers out-voting the makers' has won the hearts and minds of Republicans everywhere as the most plausible explanation for the 2012 election. I hope it brings them some sense of comfort because that's about all it's good for.
I swear, it's like he's a human New Yorker cartoon: the caption can always be replaced with "Christ, what an asshole" and it's both still correct and substantially funnier.
Damn. I want my ginsu knife! And the tin can! And the tomato!

Is it too late to change my vote?
Hey Mitt! I got my free ObamaPhone and I LOVE it.

Kiss my mooching ass, ya loser!
I'm shocked, Mr. Constant, to read these expressions of bias and frustration after your thorough and fair oversight of The Stranger's election coverage. I would not have guessed that you harbored such animosity toward Mr Romney's candidacy, platform, philosophy and campaign. When did you come to the realization that he was an asshole all along?
@32: Human New Yorker cartoon indeed. LOL, thank you!
I don't know what kind of haven for traffic scofflaws you think NYC is, but it may not be.…
Of course! It's cheating to get people to vote for you by promising them things they want, like better infrastructure and a social safety net. You're supposed to TRICK them into voting for you even though your policies will make things worse for them. That's the way to do it!
Atlas Flummoxed
Yeah, those "gifts" included things like control of my own uterus, so, screw you, Mitt.
@10- His business success wasn't based on selling products or services to the public. He was successful at moving pools of capital around and skimming cream off the top.
@41 I understand that. But I'd argue that all companies in the 21st century have to think about their brand and its perception in the public. Mostly I like to point out how Mitt didn't seem to show a lick of business sense in this election.
@42- Who were Bain Capital's customers? A bunch of 1%ers. Brand management for financial services at that level is pretty simple, he just needed to wave enormous sums of money around. They like amoral, vicious assholes in that industry.
Maybe Mitt will find his soul on the planet Kolob. He sure doesn't have one on Earth!
Since when was being young a "special interest"? What is it that Blacks and Latinos want for their children that's so different than Whites?
Actually, I did see an Obamaphone.

It was at the event at Hale's Ales this evening, but she paid $200 for it.
Wow. I just looked at the calendar and it's only 8 days since the election and I'd already forgotten about Romney. Once you don't have to listen to him anymore and see that creepy smile, he is completely forgettable.
Bye Bye Mittens! So glad you lost.
@4 That's okay, bro. You traitors are all ready to secede from the nation anyway, right? So why the sudden concern about our Constitution?

I damned sure didn't hear the right talking about the Constitution when Bush and the Patriot Gang were overriding every single Amendment (except for the second one, for some reason) one by one!
@4 That's okay, bro. You traitors are all ready to secede from the nation anyway, right? So why the sudden concern about our Constitution? Don't worry, our Constitution will be just fine. You had on to Teatopia, and don't let the door hit you.

I damned sure didn't hear the right talking about the Constitution when Bush and the Patriot Gang were overriding every single Amendment (except for the second one, for some reason) one by one!
The Republicans simply yearn to return to the days when minorities only counted as 3/5 of a vote.
After the election, Romney should know better than anyone that money just can’t buy everything. Despite all odds, our President prevailed. He still has an uphill battle fighting a Red House which has blocked his every move in an attempt to squash his goals of bringing the Middle Class equal pay, women’s rights, gay rights and affordable healthcare. The Bush Administration drove our economy into a swift nose dive and Obama is still the patsy. Watch conservative hands paint him in Blackface with a visual commentary of how Barack has been bamboozled at…
Poor poor Mittens...imagine being groomed your whole life for the one job you can't's like being picked last for kickball...or in his case...Lacrosse
I'm not young, Hispanic or African-American. I didn't choose Obama because of any "gifts". I chose him because he has no interest in making me or those people I stand with into second-class citizens.
Plus, yes, I am better off than I was four years ago. And so are most the people I know and the companies for which we work.