Go watch it live on CSPAN. So far, it's all about freedom (shocker!) liberty (who could've predicted?) and how much he hates "isms."

UPDATE 12:01: Well. That sure did go on for a long time. I guess Paul felt the need to offer up a manifesto, but that somehow seems like a not so special idea when every one of his speeches to date has been a manifesto. He talked about the Golden Rule, about liberty (eventually his tongue started skipping over the word, resulting in passionate statements about lubberty, lubterty, and lib-lib-lib-lib-burty) and about raw milk, which became a real pet cause in his most recent presidential campaign. Oh, and he thinks it's a shame that Americans can't spend gold and silver as legal tender. So long, Ron Paul. Your son will not be as purely entertaining as you have been for these last six years or so.