Why Do Republicans Hate Working People?


Why is it "they" ?

Why doesn't the Democrat Party hierarchy reflect its constituency more? So that women, blacks, and so on, are in positions of power? Why are there not at least 22 African American Senators?

One thing about the Republicans, it's a party of old white guys run by old white guys!

Wow, I can't quite get over the next line after the excerpt: Obama has made few policies that advance African Americans, 93 percent of whom voted for him,...

President Obama only helped keep this country from a Great Depression, preserved the automobile manufacturing industry, got health care reform passed, has championed education reform (even if the efficacy of that reform is open to debate), and is trying to make sure that working people aren't compromised further by our globalized, winner-take-all society. And yet Obama has made few policies that advance African Americans?! What policies, pray tell, Ms. Chan, are you talking about? Affirmative Action, "welfare"? That's playing on some unsavory stereotypes about African Americans.

Rather than resenting President Obama, it's apparent that 90+% of black American voters are able to see past concern trolls like Sharon Chan.
My favorite part of that awful column:

"But local exit-poll data has been impossible to find, despite many calls. Next election someone needs to fund one that breaks down results by age, race, gender, religion and income."

Uh, aren't local exit polls typically funded by local media outlets like, say, the Seattle Times?
There are no exit polls in an all-mail state. DUH!
@1 It takes a while for people from traditionally disadvantaged/excluded minority groups to work their way up through the ranks. The heirarchy is changing, but it's not going to keep up exactly with all demographic trends. It's taking a long time to bring change to a system that was founded with only white, landowning males in mind.
The GOP hates America, not just working people. I mean this "fiscal cliff" was an invention of the GOP to try to damage President Obama. And it makes the banks happy to create a self imposed "disaster" to implement some old fashioned Disaster Capitalism.

They just hate all of America
@1 - yeah, those "all hat, no cattle" Democrats. Why, if they were really serious about advancing the cause of minorities, they'd even be able to elect one as President!
@2 got it.
This is pure "concern trolling".
We just re-elected the first non-white POTUS.
But what about the non-whites?

Is the non-white POTUS going to do anything/enough to help the non-whites get equal representation?

You can also point out that the House Democratic Caucus, with Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader, will be the first ever of any party to have a minority of white men. Perhaps the reason Democrats can take the support of minorities a bit for granted is because the leadership of the party actually includes a fairly representative proportion of minorities of all kinds.
The Seattle Times and its editorial board care about one thing and one thing only: reducing the taxes that the Blethen family pays.
a party of old white guys run by old white guys,and that is supposed to be advantageous? All that spells is extinction for the party of rich,old,white,Protestant,stingy,mean spirited,bigoted guys and their mindless dittohead stepford wives.