A depressing new Tumblr:


Jordan Revier is from St. Augusta, Minnesota. He played hockey for Cathedral High School, and currently attends St. Cloud State University (SCSU) in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Jordan Revier is considering putting together a plan to assassinate President Obama.

Luckily the Secret Service isn't charged with policing the whereabouts of four-star general dick, so they'll have plenty of time for Jordan and the rest of the scumbags at Hello There, Racists!

Says the creator of the page:

There is nothing wrong with disliking President Obama. Disagree with him on policies, dislike his politics. But the unbelievable amount of hatred simply because of the color of his skin and multifaceted background is quite simply, despicable. And totally Un-American. The slurs are wholly uncalled for.... ALL information gathered here, is/was completely public at the time gathered. None of it was private, but totally publicly available information, voluntarily put forth by these individuals. All are things that people posted, identifying themselves with their own names and faces. I am just bringing it all to a place where they may be responsible and (hopefully) understand the consequence of their words (and hopefully their parents, schools, and employers too).