Violence in Gaza: Israel launches "surprise air assault" in Gaza, killing a Hamas military commander. The Palestinian death toll is reported to be around 15 ("mainly militants but also children"), the Israeli death toll 3. The BBC compares Palestinian and Israeli firepower (spoiler alert: a "total disparity of force between the two sides"); some pictures, video, and live updates here.

China's New Leadership: Beijing today "unveiled the men who will lead the country for the next decade after a Communist Party congress that was more about pomp and pageantry than real political change."

Walmart Sales Down: A quarterly sales report is below expectations, especially in China and Japan, sinking Walmart stock this morning. Meanwhile, Walmart warehouse workers in California are striking and national labor organizers are planning a nationwide Black Friday strike of the store's workers.

South Lake Union News: Vulcan negotiating deal with the city of Seattle to build "three towers about 24 stories tall near the edge of the lake" in exchange for giving "an acre of property near the lake to the city for affordable housing and other 'extraordinary public benefits.'"

Computer Glitch Grounds Flights: United Airlines passengers left stranded at multiple airports (including Sea-Tac).

FBI Agent Who Started the Petraeus Investigation: His identity has been revealed.

Controversial: Is President Obama's trip to Myanmar (he'll be the first sitting US president to visit the country) happening a little too soon?

Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Suspect James Holmes: In the hospital "with an undisclosed illness or injury serious enough that his defense team asked that a scheduled pre-trial hearing be postponed."

Update: Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh: Yes, Hope Solo did indeed marry that guy.

Some of That News Was Kind of Intense/Depressing, Huh? Here, go look at these pictures of a grandma and her cat best friend.