Morning News: Gaza, China, South Lake Union


They've only been dating for two months?! Jeezus.
She needed to marry him quick, before she was forced to gay-marry somebody else...?
Those architectural renderings of the SLUTowers in the Seattle Times's slideshow (images 1 & 4) appear to have been compressed vertically to make the buildings seem shorter.

Cheap trick.
THANK GOD we defeated the Commons! I mean if we had that we'd be stuck with skyscrappers all over the SLU neighborhood!
People who are abused as children seek out abusive relationships as adults. Just a fact of life.

Therapy, therapy, and more therapy.
The "extraordinary public benefits" given to the city by Vulcan should include real transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements in (and to) South Lake Union. A two-block cycle track is not enough.
Looks like they switched to Target.…
In other news, thank goodness someone documented that grandma and her cat. Cuteness abounds.
I'm curious. Why are people against those buildings? This is a city. The re-grade land south of Lake Union has been underutilized since the 1930s.Ttragically so, considering it's less than a mile from the core. I think it's great that more buildings are being developed there. I do think there should be a lot of transit and cycling improvements made alongside the development, like DOUG suggests. Otherwise, traffic will be worse.
Solo and Stevens may have been "together" for two months, but both went to UW at the same time and they've clearly known each other for a decade or more, and it wouldn't be unlikely that they've dated off and on.

I have my own opinions about each of them based on how they've come across in the media, and all I will say about that is I hope they go live in Florida, far away from here. But as for them getting married, it doesn't really seem like it's our place to decide who they should or should not marry any more than it is to tell same-couples they can't marry. It's not quite the same, and they haven't been oppressed in the same way, but something seems similar.
The Night of the Generals: General Petraeus, General Allen and General Electric

The latest super-corporate welfare scam: more tax breaks for those top corporations --- most of which don’t pay federal taxes in the first place --- which translates to government monies to them for absolutely nothing, or rather they are robbing the national tax base once again!…

The corporation which will benefit the most? General Electric, of course. (The “Jobs Czar” is GE’s CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, who appears to be hellbent in making more Americans unemployed and impoverished --- WTF is he doing as the Jobs Czar?????)

From the report by Sarah Anderson, Scott Klinger and Brent Soloway: The biggest potential winners are General Electric, which could reap a tax windfall of as much as $35.7 billion on its overseas earnings stash of $102 billion, and Microsoft, which could garner a savings of $19.4 billion on its $60.8 billion in accumulated foreign earnings.

The top 63 corporations claim this will lower the national debt, but then they usually do claim the exact opposite of what their perfidy will accomplish!

Regarding the “downfall” of CIA director, General Petraeus --- it’s interesting to note that the ostensible “instigator,” Paula Broadwell, is a reservist in military intelligence.

One might construe how often, historically speaking, reservists in military intelligence have made the perfect sacrificial lamb.

It was only a few years back when a senator, working on the creation of national legislation for collective bargaining rights for all Americans, was killed, along with members of his family, in a suspicious aircraft accident.

Just prior to takeoff, a last-minute copilot replacement, Michael Guess (a reservist in military intelligence), boarded their plane with a piece of luggage.

Michael Guess had also been a friend of Moussaoui, the so-called “20th hijacker of 9/11” (Guess even gave Moussaoui his very own copy of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator).

The death of Senator Paul Wellstone (and some of the members of his family) and the downfall of Gen. Patreaus may deserve much closer scrutiny?

[Special Note: At the School of the Americas they used to teach a procedure for bringing down an aircraft. Give the unwitting saboteur a recording device (or so they would tell them) which was in actuality a container of either knockout gas or an incendiary device, armed with a pre-set timer. When the unwitting saboteur pressed what he or she believed to start the recording device, the timer would begin. Hence, the objective was accomplished and all possible witnesses were disposed of.]

From the current Corporate Crime File:

Bank of New York Mellon’s subsidiary was recently fined in the many millions of dollars for colluding with Bernie Madoff. (Not this item, this was back last April:

On Monday, the Federal Reserve reportedly fined Bank of New York Mellon $6 million for allegedly putting up ineligible collateral when it borrowed money under one of the central bank's emergency loan programs in 2008.

This item: The New York State Attorney General’s office has announced a $210 million settlement deal with Ivy Asset Management. The New York Mellon bank subsidiary had advised its clients to invest with Bernie Madoff.

House Republicans found Jon Corzine guilty of misappropriation of funds (as in stealing over $1 billion, etc.) while House Dems refused to vote him guilty as charged? Evidently, the Goldman Sachs Dems are actually different from the Goldman Sachs Repubs --- they each support different Goldman Sachs guys!…

(the report link below)…

(the bad guys’ link)

Grandma n' cat pics. Thank you, Anna, for reminding me that I do have a heart.
Now this isn't even a micron's worth as cute as those wonderful photos of the Nipponese grandma and her demonic-looking cat (just kidding, although those eyes do weird one out?), but these are the photos of where jackholes congregate.

Oh, looky here, Paula Broadwell is to be found among jackholes like Negroponte and Chertoff --- now where have I heard the name Broadwell recently????……
And from a genuine former military officer, Col. MacGregor:…

And from the Dave Files:…

@9 and elsewhere,

Because these buildings are completely out of scale so close to the water and a new publicly funded park, and because these properties (which the City of Seattle owned for decades after the abandonment of the proposed Bay Freeway project) were sold to Vulcan with the explicit provisions that they be developed within a certain time frame (and under the existing zoning) and that the sale of these properties also meant that the Mercer Corridor was going to remain largely as is (or was).

Among many other reasons.....
Solo and Stevens: Um, Best wishes to the happy couple...?