Obama Is Lenin to Corporate America


Bit of an oversimplification.

For every narrow-minded Koch out there, there's a Branson, Gates, Schultz, or Soros who take a broader view of their role in their company's play in society. There are many more who fall somewhere in between.
Still confused as to why private enterprise wants to elect itself to govern. Isn't life better in the limo than the light rail..what else do they want?

Do these executives not understand economic history over the last 75 years or so? The market, the economy, the nation, and the world always do better with Democrats in the White House than Republicans.
@2 They will never own enough until they own it all.
@3 The right-wing, which runs the Republicans, don't give a twig for history or facts. It's why they're so bad at governance.
Of all the hip retro fads I'd like to see die, John Birch style red-baiting is number one on the list. These people miss the USSR so bad it's embarrassing.