RIP, Andrea Allen


Thanks, Brendan. She means a lot to us.
So awfully sad. Andrea has been a tirelessly inspired cog in the Seattle theater machine for as long as I've been here. A couple years ago we collaborated on writing a project for students at Seattle U, and she was such a pro, with a deep, genuine love for Theater-Making that I couldn't come close to replicating. (I love theater when it's good, but Andrea just loved theater, in all its great and messy promise, and she helped so many other people love it the same way.)
Thank you for acknowledging this loss, Brendan. Andrea has truly done more for the local theater scene (and for so many local artists) over the past two decades than ever gets recognized. I will miss her more than I can express.
I first met Andrea when I stumbled into an education outreach internship as an undergrad. She was the kind of teacher who could awaken classrooms full of apathetic high schoolers into artists whose voices mattered. Watching her use theatre as a tool of empowerment made me want to follow in her footsteps. Our community grieves the loss of one of our lights as we strive to continue what Andrea began.
My wife and I loved Circle Mirror. Fucking cancer.
I worked at the Rep for nearly four years, both in an administrative capacity and as an artist. Andrea was always warm and kind to me; I was awed by her intelligence and the sheer prolific nature of her ongoing contributions to the Seattle theatre scene. I wanted to be like her. I am so saddened to hear this. RIP, Andrea, and all my condolences to Matthew and family.
Andrea had more wisdom, brains, talent, creativity, determination, energy and love in her tiny little body than all of us put together! She never judged, she only inspired. What a great loss to us all. My heart & prayers go out to her staff, friends, and, most of all, her dear family! - Nancy Marcy, Kansas City, MO
Andrea was one in a million. She was the head of the intern program at the Rep when I was there in the 90's. She always kept in touch & championed & cheerleaded my successes. She will be missed. Love to her family.
I didn't know Andrea well, but we worked together as baristas at a Starbucks 22 years ago and I still remember the impression she made upon me: she was whip-smart, funny as hell, passionate about the Annex Theater she was involved in, thoughtful and kind. I'm sad thinking about the loss of a person I really only barely knew; I can only imagine that those who really knew and treasured her are devastated.
This is such sad news. Andrea was FIERCE, and fearless. A lioness. May she rest in peace.
As a long absent 4th Ave Annex Theatre alum, I appreciate Andrea's contribution to the lives of so many artists I know, myself included. We'll all strut and fret awhile longer, and better, thanks to her.
So sad to hear... Yes she was fierce and fearless!
I met Andrea when we were both studying at Antioch in the early 00s. She was so smart, kind, and engaged with everyone she encountered. I have followed her work with interest since then and was stricken when I just read in an Antioch email that she had passed away. We've lost a bright light, and too soon. Blessings to her family, and may her boys know what a potent person their mother was.