KCGOP: "We Got a Thumpin'"


"from the smarting parts"? I think she could start by learning how to write like someone who isn't from Alabama.
Never underestimate (misunderestimate?) the short attention span or the stupidity of the American electorate.

Yes, I received that email yesterday. My response to the KCGOP was:

If the GOP were a business we'd have to say, look, some of our products are selling:

-Control of taxes (2/3rds supermajority!)
-Charter schools

Things that increase the power and choice of an individual!

But we've got lots of products that don't sell and hurt our overall image:

-Extreme distaste for even minimal societal goals, even when they benefit business and employees
-Lack of Forward Progress in technological thinking (too many curmudgeons)
-Being non-inclusive of people not like ourselves

It's time for some drastic cuts in our Ideology "Product Line"...maybe we should even reduce our membership, and focus on a smaller, but winnable core.

I do note however:

Obama vs. Romney Compared to Obama vs. McCain

Which shows that despite losing, Romney make huge gains when compared to John McCain's campaign against Obama four years earlier!
did i miss the slog review of 1185 passing. probably.
Why, snap my garters and spank me with the butter churn. The KCGOP resurrected Minnie Pearl and elected her the chair. I'm as giddy as a spinster at a Grange Dance.
@1. That's "smarting" as in "stinging". Like "that smarts!" Not the opposite of "dumbing".
@5, Golly Miss Vel-DuRay, I shore hope she'll dance with me at the square dance down at the old Johnson farm this Saturday night! My dosey do's are pertty good! And Pa may let me drive his shiny new Tin Lizzey too!

"Today's GOP, Who Says They're Out of Touch?"
Romney's comments this week were a nice parting shake of the weasel into the well of conservative political cred, a real gift to everyone who voted for Democrats this year.
The core conservative principle is fear. They can compromise on helping the rich get richer, or entrenching white male privilege, or enforcing religious fundamentalism. They can even give a little on finding ways to make life worse for the poor.

But the one thing they have to keep is fear. The key is to figure out how a fear-based worldview translates into 21st century electoral success.

Take away the fear and they become the moderate wing of the Democratic Party.
@1 I'm sure the most important thing in this commentary, was to denigrate her for speaking English with odd colloquialisms, and not the content of her message.

Yes, people in and from the South, speak more colloquially than Pacific Northwesterners. Yes, I'd say I heard smarting more when I lived in Texas than in Washington. Is it your goal to denigrate her for using a phrase you're not comfortable with, or just to shit on her for being a republican, or to malign her for your assumption that she's from the South, and therefore ignorant and stupid?

How about all three, bgk dear?

(Btw, Has anyone mentioned how cute you are when you're morally outraged for no good reason?)
@5 & 12 Catalina rocks!
"That is not to say that we compromise our principles"


What principles would those be? "Fiscal conservatism?" You had no problem compromising that for eight years under GW Bush. "Less government intrusion?" You had no problem compromising THAT under every R president since Reagan.

What the fuck principles do you have in the first place besides "Do anything necessary to guarantee the richest 1% of the country get every single thing they want?"
Nonsense. I think the GOP has been doing a fantastically effective job. After all, they played a huge role in selling a neoliberal corporatist party -- today's Democratic Party -- as the lesser of evils to a majority of voters. I'm quite confident that none of those top 400 Americans who have as much wealth as the bottom 150 million Americans is panicking just because their B team won more games than their A team did this year. Sure, they might have to pay slightly higher taxes for the sake of appearances, but they know the Dems have their backs on the big-money issues. As for the rest of us, keep a close eye on those "bitter pills" Obama warned us we might have to swallow in "fiscal cliff" negotiations.

It's what we no longer do here.

Now excuse me, I've got to plan the "green" reception presents for a gay wedding for lots of relatives.
@15 for the Paying 39% Instead of 35% Tax on Millions Don't Hurt Much after Deductions win.

For Lori Sotelo, there's also the principle of doing all you can to suppress the vote. Or have we forgotten about her affidavits swearing that she knew of people who didn't live where they voted (even though they'd mostly lived there for years)?

Signing those affidavits might have been a felony, if the County Attorney hadn't ignored the facts.
I don't think that the GOP needs to compromise their principles to win new voters. Of course we will never really know that until the GOP tries running on their principles instead of xenophobia.