Fighting Intensifies in Gaza: Signs point to a possible ground incursion by the Israeli military. The Guardian's live-update page collects news, videos, pictures, and tweets here.

Federal Housing Administration May Need a Bailout: The FHA, "which has been self-funded through mortgage insurance premiums since it was created during the Great Depression," ended September with $16.3 billion in projected losses.

Terrorists or Earthquakes: Which one is scarier? Seattle's open-air reservoirs were replaced with underground concrete vaults after September 11 raised fears about the safety of the city's drinking water. Now they're not sure if the new reservoirs are earthquake-safe, as "the initial structural calculations were based on building codes for above ground reservoirs rather than buried ones."

Obama Appears Decisive: On his likely pick for Secretary of State, Susan Rice.

Hey There, Would You Like to Ruin Your Morning? Try reading this local news story, about two sons who allegedly lived rent-free in their parents' house in Alki, letting their elderly father literally rot instead of spending their parents' money on nursing care. No really, read the whole thing. Here's a sample:

Paramedics arrived to find the elder Shaw wearing only a T-shirt and socks, which had grown into his feet. According to charging documents, paramedics were told Kyle Shaw had been wearing the bloodied, feces-covered socks for at least a year.

Our Own Paul Constant: Bravely reviews the newest (and last) Twilight movie just for you.

"Competition is increasing in the snack space": Hostess announced this morning that they're going out of business after a bakers union strike "crippled its ability to make its Twinkies, Ding Dongs and other snacks."

The Placebo Effect: Works most strongly in those who are "straightforward, tough in the face of difficulty, and willing to lend others a hand" and least well in people who are "angry, hostile and prone to negativity," according to a new study on personality and placebo.