SL Letter of the Day: Diaper Pals


Is this letter from Ann Romney?
Great advice to this fascinating letter! I so wish we had a follow up on this. I'd love to learn what has happened.
@1 This is an older letter. I think it's about Donald Trump
@2: I'd bet $50 they're long divorced by now. A person can only put up with so much shit - even if it's in a diaper.

Gotta say, as much as I try to be kink-friendly, this is one I never even began to understand, and find distasteful enough that I'm not willing to try. You want to play Mommy or Daddy games, that's fine by me. But adult babies are in an entirely different time zone of weird. This guy should have thanked his lucky stars he found a woman willing to put up with his shenanigans, and should have found a shrink to help him deal with the fact it's the only way he could get off. And his unwillingness to do the same for her.
@3 + 1...
It is an old letter, but I'm fairly certain the Romneys have been married for more than 5 years.
@4 - I agree. There's a lot I'm willing to work with/around, but that particular kink is beyond my capabilities.

I'd REALLY love to know what happened with this one.
Never marry an adult baby.
@1 I love you!
Wow, I remember reading this letter when it was first published. I can't believe that was almost 6 years ago.
The Karmic Rule of Kink - amazing. I love it.

Also, selfish lovers are selfish, regardless of kink (or lack thereof). People who aren't willing to step outside of their comfort/pleasure zone for their partner are simply bad partners.
I read that title as "Diaper Pails". Ugh! Those were what you soaked baby diapers in before washing. Yes, we used to wash diapers! Better for the environment but hard on the nose.
I would have suggested putting all the furniture from the nursery in storage, painting the nursery walls a nice, light, corporate shade of gray, and setting up a home office, complete with a desk, phone, desktop computer, fax machine, a filing cabinet, and one of those six-foot-tall black halogen lamps you get at Ikea. And a plastic ficus tree.

Then tell him he's got six months to straighten out his sorry ass and start meeting YOUR needs, or you're renting out the office to your divorce lawyer.
@Ivan, your comment makes me wish Slog had a "like" button.
I remember this one. She stays with him and gets pregnant and the father/husband becomes a useless jealous asshole because the new baby is taking all mommy's attention.
Prudie recently did a column in which she had readers vote on which letters they wanted a follow-up to, and then she printed up the follow-up replies to the top two.

I think Dan could do something similar. We don't have to vote. He can just pick some of his own favorites, write back to the original email address and, if they respond and give permission, print how things turned out.

Bonus: a potentially low-effort way to do more Slog posts. Well, low effort for Dan. Might take an intern a little bit of slogging (ahem) through old emails to find the right ones for Dan to review, but if the original letter writers agree, the posts essentially write themselves.

I nominate this one, if it wasn't already obvious.
Good advice - as true now as it was six years ago!

This may be TMI, but I have many of the same kinks as BA's husband. (Many, not all.) Like him, I've found a wonderful partner who gladly accommodates my menagerie of odd fixations. Also, while I'm not into infantilism myself, I have a number of friends who are. Most of them are decent, responsible people who have built loving, successful relationships.

Coming from that perspective, let me echo what everyone else has said - this man is being an asshole.

Are these are hard fetishes to have? Sure. It sounds like this guy has suffered a lot of shame over his turn-ons, and that shame has done a number on his psyche. To some extent I can empathize. Remember, this is the kind of thing where a lot of people (even some kinky, open-minded people) look at you as subhuman. I've been there, it ain't fun, and it can indeed fuck you up.

Regardless, there's no excuse for the kind of appalling behavior BA describes. She sounds like an absolute saint - she moved mountains to make her husband feel whole, normal, sexy, and loved. When someone steps up to plate for you like that, guess what? YOU STEP UP FOR THEM. If you've got shame issues, fine - you work on them. Whatever it takes - therapy, introspection, willpower - you find a way to come through for your lover, even if it's hard. You do NOT take advantage of their generosity, refuse to meet their needs, and then play the "Waaah, I'm a freak!" card when they call you on it. That's cruel, self-centered bullshit.

I hope this dude either woke up or got dumped. He's not being an adult baby - he's just being a baby. And his wife deserves better.