We got everyone in to HUMP! who rushed for tickets on Thursday and Friday nights! But something funny always happens on the last night of HUMP!: people realize that this is their last chance to see HUMP! and rush the last two screenings and... we don't get everyone in. Your best bet, if you want to get last-minute rush tickets for HUMP!, is to get down here for the 6 PM or 8 PM shows. Don't wait for the 10 PM or Midnight shows. We almost always have to turn people away from the last two screenings.

And remember: we destroy our only copies of the films after the final screening. If you miss HUMP!, you'll never see the films that were made for HUMP!—unless the filmmakers decide to release them, of course, like PasteyBoy did. His E.T. 2: Dark Territory—after the jump and NSFW—was an audience favorite a few years ago. You can see it more of PasteyBoy's stuff over at Funny Or Die. But most of the films screened at HUMP! are never released online or anywhere else. If you wanna see HUMP!—all of HUMP!—you gotta get down to HUMP! tonight!