Slog Bible Study: Leviticus 25:44-46


Where is the part about paying them sub- minimum wage while complaining about how they take jobs away from real Americans?
Yawn. Leviticus is easy pickings for stupid stuff said in the bible. How about the gnostic Gospel of Thomas , where we find out Jesus had a twin brother, who may or may not have substituted in for him in the cross (thus explaining the big 'miracle' of The Resurrection in a very Non-divine, almost magician/grifter way).
This makes it clear that the solution to illegal immigration is to enslave the migrants. God, you ALWAYS have the answer!
Pretty sure this is a rerun.
@2 kinda like the movie The Prestige. starring 'Christian' Bale. hmmm
Slavery has so MANY RULES! Just not worth it anymore.
Maria! Dos mas Margueritas, por favor!
I need someone to clean my townhouse if anyone would like to be bequeathed. Male and female slaves welcome.
I'm a Canadian. Someone please buy me.
i just want somebody to do my dishes. is that so wrong?
How much for Shania Twain?
@10 Only when you insist they do it pantless.
Odd how so many of the rules in Judaism are along the lines of "You can be a dick, but just not to your own group". IIRC, there was a prohibition on usury in Judaism that was interpreted the same way in the Middle Ages, which is why Jews could lend at interest to Christians.

This also explains why Leviticus is so popular with conservatives, and why they have no trouble with bending the rules for their own, but interpret them strictly for everyone else.
#13 That was pretty much the rule for everyone in antiquity. And now, come to think of it.
@13, you have it wrong. The Christians had a rule about interest and lending, and forced the Jews to become their bankers in the early Middle Ages. The Christians didn't care what the Torah said.

This is such low hanging fruit it's hardly even worth it.

I like what @2 said. Interesting and I'd never heard of it before (shocking I know... the church only publishes the shit it feels like publishing!).

Not that any of this matters. Religions - ALL religions - are make believe fantasies.
I think pointing out the more easily refuted verses is important. Religious people will often enough argue that some bigotry or another is good because the bible says so, and the bible is always right because god. Having bits like this fresh in my mind makes those conversations blessedly brief.

So, I get to include my house keeper in my will? My son's wife will be pleased. How do capital gains affect my tax burden?
I'm thinking of getting me a Canadian slave or two. Canucks are usually pretty docile creatures who, except for NHL playoffs, generally know who their masters are.

So nice to have the Lord's OK on this...
I'd love a Canadian slave. He'd give me health care, respect my marriage, and when I'd ask for something, he'd say, "No worries." Everyone should have a Canadian.
13,15 - ALL religions -- Xtianity, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, etc. -- have rules against usury. Still do. But as you point out, they are only relevant to one's in-group.

The USA even had anti-usury laws on the books ... until they were abolished during Reagan's presidency. Now we have "payday loans" and credit cards that charge any ol' predatory interest rate they want. No longer the realm of loan sharks and the mob, usury is fully legal!
Fuck you, capitalism!

D. Graeber makes the very valid point that slavery --being reduced the state of a slave-- very specifically revolves around being removed from your social context. You as a person have value to friends, family, neighbors... Once you are ripped from that social context, you are nothing. This is consistent with slavery up to and including today.
This passage seems distinctly relevant to the latest boondoggle in the pro vs. anti-Zionist soap opera.