My advice to the victims of this sex scandal is found in the exact way Grace Jones sings these words: "Don't cry, it's only the rhythm." Don't cry and be silent is what I have to say. But this position is not, I must admit, the very best. There is one that's even higher and more perfect than it. That position is expressed by the great American Billie Holiday in a tune she wrote called "Don't Explain"...

Quiet, don't explain
You mixed with some dame
Skip that lipstick
Don't explain

What these lines clearly show, and what so many people failed to see in my own position (seeing it only as something to do with gender), is existential ice and resolve. Because it's not possible to control and predict the courses of life, it's best to form a philosophy for these vicissitudes. Holiday's philosophy is not like mine (silence and ice), but the silencing/icing of the betrayer. No stories, no tales, no excuses—all you must do is stop explaining, shut up, and go to bed. There is grandeur in this view of life.