Barack O'Fraudo is a new site that looks to be from the "geniuses" who brought you Unskewed Polls. It "documents" the "fraud" that the Obama campaign undertook to "steal" four states—Ohio, Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania—and win the election. The site even admits that its evidence is "circumstantial," but I hope Republicans buy into it, because it sure does make them look stupid. Still: Barack O'Fraudo!

On the other side of the fraud fence, Anonymous is claiming that they prevented Republicans from stealing Ohio:

However, according to the report, Anonymous stopped any voter fraud from happening. The hacker group put up firewalls on election night to any data from flowing out of Ohio.

Anonymous, according to their "letter," could instead have tried to capture the data and then expose the criminals, but that would have been far too risky. Instead, they closed the hole that Rove was going to use and blocked the theft of the election.

Is there any real proof that this happened? Of course not. However, based on Anonymous past exploits, we believe it is possible. In addition, in late October, Anonymous posted a little viewed video...that warned Rove and others that their theft of the election was not going to be successful.

I think this is bullshit that plays off the mystique that has been cultivated from years of lame TV shows and movies about hackers. It sounds like pure wizardry to me; there's a big difference between setting up a DDoS attack, and patching a hole that was intentionally left in voting machine technology by cartoon villain Karl Rove. Plus, this claim of victory ignores the fact that Obama could have lost Ohio and still won the election. But what do you think?