Rand Paul to the Rescue!


The world is too interconnected for someone like the Pauls. This is the 21st Century. A country cannot function on the world stage if its primary modus operandi is, "What's best for me (and fuck everything else)?"

Isn't that what kinda got us into trouble in the 20th Century?
Paul, I really think you deserve to just read and write about books, at least until December? It's just too soon for 2016 talk.
It will be fun to keep kicking their asses. And for those who think it's too soon, Rubio is already wooing Iowans.
He's not going to win back the 71-95 % of racial minorities that voted Democratic this time after his interview on the Rachel Maddow show a few months ago. He was basically against all civil rights legislation including the voting rights act of 1964, and refused to give a straight answer to her questions. Then there is his father's crackpot version of 19th century economic theory, is he any different? Yeah yeah we all want to legalize dope and get the fuck out of Afghanistan but I don't think anybody can ignore how broken ultra conservative "Libertarian" thinking is, like the clock that doesn't tick anymore but is right twice a day.
So, "we're not winning" means his platform will involve Charlie Sheen somehow? I sure hope so!
The prospect of a 2016 race with one of these idiots as the GOP nominee fills me with outrage and hope (for the Dems), in roughly equal measure.
@3 We don't live in Iowa. Let that be their problem.

Is it too much to ask that people who are not in Iowa and NH be spared from this Presidential campaign shit until TWENTY-FUCKING-FOURTEEN??? At long last, can we not have 15 months of decency?!?
A local level, with more "compassion?"

What's that supposed to mean? They should be allowed to sympathetically support racists and bigots because they're all neighbors and even though Frank hates faggots, he helped you rake your yard that one time, so he's basically an ok guy?

Government needs to be dispassionate, not compassionate. Go get love and sympathy from your friends and family and church or whatever.... and then when you actually need help, get it from a government who doesn't discriminate against you or proselytize at you... they give you what you need, no more, no less. Period.
Paul Constant, please stop your political reporting. Especially as it relates to elections. We've already been overwhelmed by your bland insight time and time again for the past 12 months. Let it go...at least until 2015 or so. Thanks.
Rand Paul seems to be the only Republican with any clout to have noticed that military spending is, you know, spending, and is willing to put that on the chopping block to help fix the budget. It's a real shame he's such a fucking douchebag otherwise.

Also, what @2 said. Seriously.

Are you kidding? Paul Constant is a GOD!!
@8 Very well said.

With the D's floating Biden's name for 2016, do the R's think they have to "out crazy" to win? (Paging Allen West!)
He used "I" or "I'm" 10 times in in that short blurb, and used the word "compassion" for absolutely no meaningful reason whatsoever. This character is just too much.
@4 I use the same broken clock analogy any time I try to describe my thoughts on Libertarianism. I nod my head when I hear the pro-drug, anti-war bits, and then in the next breath I'm hearing how an unrestrained free market would have established a moon base by now.
Oh please oh please oh please let this happen. The only thing more entertaining would be Sarah Palin on the ticket.
Sounds like he's floating the "I'm different" balloon. How horrible it is when you have to run against your former self.
In what planet does Rand Paul think he could win the US Presidency? His anti-Civil Rights Act comments are enough to disqualify him.

But go on, Paul. Run run run. I want to see Hilary in the White House in 2016 and you would make excellent cannon fodder for her to run against.
@9 - fuck off!

@2, 7, 9, 10, and anyone else who isn't gearing up for 2016...

Yes, _this_ is when we start working towards getting the right candidates lined up for the the next election.

Tune out, turn off, drop the whole damn thing if you want, but remember your choice later when you're wondering why you don't like any of the serious candidates.
I love how if you follow that "Rand Paul is a white supremacist" link, the #1 reason they give is that he is friends with Alex Jones--and they then proceed to admit Alex Jones is not a white supremacist.

Cool use of words, guys! Ad hominems are mature!
Jeb is going to win at least the Republican nomination, and very likely the Presidency.

He is almost guaranteed to win Florida (in the general), his Latino family will swing just enough votes from that voting bloc, and his supposed education cred will grab a few votes from the soccer moms. Plus he's probably the smartest Bush for whatever that's worth.

At any rate, he is the R that D's should most fear.
YES! Ayn Rand Paul already has a lock on the Teabagger and KKK vote. It won't take much effort for him to seal the deal with the middle/old age white, ignorant, paranoid voters. The christian wingnuts will jump on the bandwagon if he promises an occasional monkey trial. Allen West wouldn't make a good running mate because he, well, not white enough. While Marco Rubio may say that the earth is 6,000 years old, he is not as zealous as he needs to be. This leaves Sarah Palin, who truly believes that humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time. We can save the country with a Paul-Palin ticket. Flush Limpballs and Faux Newz have nearly four years to make this work.