Actually Skewed Polls: Gallup is taken to task for surveys that favored Romney, while Nate Silver says that the pollsters who got it wrong were the ones who “put their finger on the scale.”

Eight Businesses: Screwing over their employees because Obamacare. For example, "Darden Concepts, the parent corporation of Red Lobster and Olive Garden, may start using more part-time workers who would likely not be eligible for employee-sponsored health insurance plans."

Silly House Republicans: One hundred members have sent a letter to Obama opposing the nomination of Susan Rice as Secretary of State. That appointment can only be ratified or blocked by the Senate.

The New 520 Bridge: quotes an anonymous "former inspector" who says it's "a disaster waiting to happen."

Microsoft Data Center: To be fueled by feces.


Hewlett Packard: They paid $10 million for a company that cooked its books. "HP is avoiding calling it a fraud, but it said there were 'serious accounting improprieties, disclosure failures and outright misrepresentations at Autonomy Corporation PLC.'"

Awwww: The Seattle Weekly has its very own "What You're Not Wearing" series.

Texan Clown: Insists that states seceding from the union "is a deeply American principle."

A New Movie on Melting Glaciers: The initial goal was to place 25 cameras that filmed glaciers for three years, during every hour that there was daylight. Via Sullivan:

"I never imagined that you could see glaciers this big disappearing in such a short time," they say.