Like Paul, I was mostly enthralled with the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. I walked out of Cinerama wishing I could pinch Javier Bardem's creepy cheeks and Daniel Craig's pert nipples until all of my fingers fell asleep.

But one line ripped me out of the movie completely: "A waste of good scotch."

After the jump, I'll explain myself in full spoiler detail.

If you've seen the film, you remember the scene: Silva is escorting Bond around his top secret secret deserted island hidey-hole lair—a tour that ends at the feet of a crumbling statue. There stands Severine, the apparent sex slave/girlfriend of Silva and the woman that Bond has just spent one long, luxurious boat ride humping until his hip flexors cramped.

Severine is bound and gagged. Silva places a shot of scotch on her head and invites Bond to shoot it off, William-Tell style. Bond shoots and misses; Silver shoots and hits Severine in the face. As she crumples, the scotch spills into the sand.

"What a waste of good scotch," Bond then says.

What the fuck?

I understand that the line was meant to portray a sense of bravado, as if Silva's maniacal cruelty didn't effect Bond. It didn't work. It came off as callous and dehumanizing.

I get that Bond is a womanizer; I don't have a problem with that. In the Bond films I've seen, women seem eager to use and be used. I also realize his character was created in a different era, one where being a man's man basically meant being a sexist, misogynist prick. But Bond has evolved with the times—Craig's Bond is less dashingly cartoony. He's an alcoholic pill popper. He now has a tortured family history. He's aging. His body fails him at times. It's a compelling transformation that has breathed new life into the 60-year-old character.

"What a waste of good scotch" isn't something Craig's modern Bond would say. As Paul Constant mentioned to me this morning, it sounds more like something a Sean Connery Bond would quip.

I'm not suggesting Craig's Bond start dating or forming emotional attachments to the ridiculously named women who carousel around him. But it's not too much to ask that he values women more than a single shot of scotch.