State troopers are searching for a missing survivalist who set out alone in the Northwest Alaska wilderness in late September.

The missing man is Thomas Seibold, a Wisconsin resident and an instructor at the Talking Drum Outdoor School, said troopers, who were still looking for Seibold, 31, as of nightfall Saturday.

A traveling companion on the Ambler River last saw Seibold, described as an experienced outdoorsman, in late September. He had planned to stay in the backcountry through October and had booked a flight home to Wisconsin on Nov. 15, according to troopers spokeswoman Beth Ipsen.

"He didn't make that flight," Ipsen said.

Why do we play these games with nature? We are not like bears or orangutans; we are hyper-social animals. There is no kind of survival for us outside of the human community. There is no such thing as a survivalist beyond the magic circle of human sociality. Leaving our nature and entering all of nature is only madness. Know who your are, human: Not homo homini lupus est but homo homini Deus est.

The tip came from Carole M. Triem.