Dumb Ways to Die


That is a riot! The song and video are both the most entertaining things I've heard and seen in a while. Thanks!
It's fantastic! Remind me not to stick a fork in the toaster!
I wish they'd make a "Dumb Ways to Live" version too.
Pretty clever if not a tad depressing.
It's awfully twee.
I will play this on banjo.
This dumb way to die has just stuck with me for years...heard about it in college. A bunch of kids broke into a parade's staging area and one of them lay down while another drove a FLOAT over him...to DEATH. They may only go 2 miles per hour but floats are heavy! Death by float. Oi.
Did drugs make it on the list?
So cute <3
Too politically correct.

The original version had bicycling and motorcycling with no helmet, but both of those have influential lobbies of loudmouth idiots who made it not worth the trouble. At the end of the day, they just said "Let the cyclists die when they fall of and conk their heads if that's what they want so bad."

It's weird how there are no "I want to eat spoiled pie" activists, but there's no end to the supply of certain kinds of fools defending their right to die stupidly.

Let's not even get started on why there's no mention of guns. Other than shifting the blame for hunting deaths to people who "dress like a moose" (like that happens a lot) rather than idiot hunters.
dude fuck you
My dad has rattlesnakes as "pets." I should send this to him. Not that it would help. He's determined to make his house look like that creepy house in serial killer movies.