Newsflash: The Internet Is Full of Terrible People


Now does everyone see how Hitler got the Germans all fired up to kill Jews and go to war?
This is not an example that the Internet is full of terrible people. It's evidence that the Internet is full of teenagers. They are stupid, but they don't know it. It's a volatile combo.
* I here I thought Paul Constant was a trolling, hypocritical, classist asshole, but now I know he's just a sensitive soul.

They're teenagers. Their brains haven't fully developed yet (that's a fact, not a sarcastic comment).
Poe's law seems relevant.
It's now clear why print publications (and especially newspapers) were developed to filter out statements and opinions of those whose strongest suit is ignorance. I hope you all really like the internet that you've handed your social and political fortunes over to. Don't think about how cool it is now. Think about how it will be used to oppress you in twenty-five years. Good luck believers.
We liberals thought making information and the ability to communicate available to everyone would improve everyone's lives. Turns out it also gives close-minded stupid and mean people who will never improve, a powerful soap box and wide-ranging social platform to amplify their stupidity and meanness.
@6 like there wasn't a few hundred years where xenophobic ignorance didn't exist in print or that newspapers eventually weeded that shit out. peoples be peoples, man. always have been , always will be.
@6 Yeah, our media filter worked great during the run-up to the Iraq War. The mainstream media was filled to the brim with great, elite opinions on how we needed to bring freedom to the oppressed at the barrel of a gun. Where would we be without their fine judgement?

I don't like being snarky, but I've been seeing too many people expressing viewpoints like this. It's frankly scares me. The problem isn't the democratization of expression. These children have been indoctrinated by a major Hollywood motion picture, which is the definition of the old elitist model of information sharing. Our education system is based on teaching obedience, with the eventual goal of being a "good employee". If they were taught how to identify propaganda, think critically, come up with their own system of values etc., they wouldn't react this way. Of course that doesn't serve the interest of those in charge of the filters.
I knew that movie was catering to degenerates, but DAMN.
The Seattle Times and Yahoo comments are waaayyy more racist and stupid and I doubt that they're teenagers. There is a lot of hatred in this country towards, blacks, Latinos, and immigrants. If folks cant see it, they're in a bigger bubble than the Republicans.
Wow, talk about painting with a huge brush. The internet isn't full of terrible people, or teenagers, or any one type of person. Jeez, you're talking about a miniscule portion of less than one percent of internet users that either saw this movie and then tweeted about it, or, in the other case, commented on Gawker. Get a sense of proportion. The internet has about 2.5 billion users. By painting with such a huge brush, you're guilty of the very behavior that you're criticizing in others.

"If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence."
—Louis Brandeis
The example given - right above the "comment" icon, is the best one of the bunch. So true...
@2, 4

Sorry, they don't get a pass for being a teenager. I didn't think those kinds of things as a teenager, nor did the people I chose for my friends. Fault their upbringing if you must, but I think teens are pretty capable of at least some critical thought.

Did you think like that when you were a teenager?
Yes, they are stupid teenagers. They're the same people who grow up to be stupid adults.
@15: Exactly. Excusing stupid teenagers' stupidity just because they're teenagers is where douchebag adults come from.