Republicans Overcome with Bush Frenzy


...The nomination is Bush's, if he wants it. (Hell, the 2008 nomination was Bush's, if he wanted it....

I think you mean the 2012 nomination?
Terri Schiavo! He believes government should interfere in life and death family decisions and may it haunt him forever!
oh groan .. big deep fat bored really that’s all they’ve got sorta groan
If Obama cuts SS and Medicare and the economy crashes under his watch, that combined with the 30 second short term memory of the electorate, weak democratic opponent (no Hillary won't run), election machine fraud, and a Jeb Bush campaign that doubles down on Latino voter outreach, will probably help Jeb win the Presidency.
The GOP: Tirelessly endeavoring to finding more & better ways of shooting themselves in the foot, rather than just putting their feet on the ground and facing reality!
Too fucking soon. I'm still trying to digest food, For fucksakes.
The GOP running another Bush for president is about as good an idea as if the Democrats decide to run Olympia Dukakis.
Poor Bush, having to rebuild his wealth because of too many years in public life! Let's do the noble thing and refuse his offer to run for president. We can make it without his noble sacrifice.
If it actually kind of is too early for chatter," then stop chattering, Paul Constant. Or keep it up and embrace your undeniable punditry.
@4 Of course Hillary is going to run.
Hilary will be 69 in 2016. That's a bit long in the tooth to be nominated to serve (hopefully, from the standpoint of the party) 8 years. Being too old is probably a good part of why McCain lost.
I think the third George Bush - Jeb's oldest son who bright, half-Hispanic and good-looking - that will be the next Bush to be president.

After what we've seen from the reigns of two Bushes, I hope and pray that the former boyfriend of Kim Kardashian has a better chance of being elected President than any descendant of Prescott B., Connecticut Senator and Hitler enabler.
@13, John F. Kennedy was the son of a Nazi fan and generally awful guy.