The Universe of American Shoppers


You have admit, this apegod is great for getting stupid people's money from them. Apegod be praised!
As asinine as Christianity is, I've yet to meet a christian who believes god is an ape. Actually, the notion that man is an ape is very offensive to those who believe, so I'm pretty certain that they don't believe this was all created by an ape of any kind, including human. Your argument is undercut by the unnecessary insult.
@2: True. Still, it's a funny word, ape.
Yes, but you see it makes sense because the ape had magic powers. Don't fuck with magic apes.
BTW Charles, did you see the "roving" planet without a star? Just looking for a place to call home.
Pot, kettle.

The shoppers' ancestors had a hypothesis about creation. All evidence is against it and none in support of it. They endure. Marx had a number of hypotheses. All evidence has been against them and none in support of them. They endure. God of the gaps meet political/economic philosopher of the gaps.
What Would Grape Ape Do?
Which religious folks refer to their god as an ape? Not Christians.