Ross Murray, Director of Religion, Faith and Values at GLAAD, wants to know where where "pro-family" organizations are on Thanksgiving:

Where are the alarm bells concerning Black Friday? Why have none of the self-described “family organizations” said that Thanksgiving is “under attack?” Where is the outrage that what precious little family time we have is being destroyed? The organizations who make their living off of attacking the lives and relationships of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people (who also happen to be among the loudest claiming that there’s a “War on Christmas”) have been utterly silent that Thanksgiving, perhaps the most family-oriented holiday on our American calendar, is becoming a holiday dedicated to fighting other shoppers for the lowest deals.

If there was a pro-family organization out there pushing for bans on Black Friday sales that start on Thanksgiving—and pushing for living wage jobs and health insurance (which would actually bring down the abortion rate)—I would be a card-carrying member of that pro-family organization.