This Sunday Brings the Broadcast of the Lifetime Movie in which Lindsay Lohan Pretends to be Elizabeth Taylor


No one and I mean NO ONE in Hollywood today is talented enough to be Elizabeth Taylor nor can anyone manage to touch Richard Burton. Two of the greatest silver screen talents of all time.

Seriously, Lindsay fucking Lohan?!?!?!? I hope she develops a drug problem, whores her body out and permanently destroys her career now
I hope she develops a drug problem, whores her body out and permanently destroys her career now

You haven't been paying attention to LL for the past five years, have you?
Sherilyn Fenn at least looked the part. I never saw her performance, but she sure looked amazing in the publicity stills.
@2 I seriously think she should move to NV and become an actual whore. Just think how much money should would make, even at insane prices, say $5,000 there has to be a sizable market of men and women that would pay that to say "Yeah, I fucked Lindsay Lohan."
@2, by whoring I mean hanging out with you on 85th and Aurora on Saturday nights dear
Everything I've read makes this "movie" sound like a freeway accident -- so horrifying you can't tear your eyes away from it. At the very least, people will be talking about it and her for a while, repellent as the actuality may be.
May I play "casting director"? In the role of Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor's good friend, I would hire Ted Dansen.
Wow! Are there actually any good reviews out there surrounding this movie? The gals I work with at DISH and I searched, but there are none that we could find! I'm not a fan of Lindsey Lohan, but I'm actually starting to feel kind of bad for her with all the negativity. Everybody will have their own opinion about the movie in the end, so really I’ll just have to see how I feel about it on Monday. I won't get a chance to watch tomorrow nights premiere because I’ll be out of town, but I did make sure to setup the recording to my DISH Hopper before I leave. A lot of my favorite shows are airing tomorrow night too, so thankfully my DVR gives me 455 hours of HD recording time to work with so I can record this movie and all of my favorites with no worry. I wouldn't miss this for anything!