Walmart Shrugged


Walmart won't change unless consumers change their habits of wanting cheap crap made in China. It's almost a hopeless cause until that factor changes.

That said I am not shopping for anything (including groceries) until late next week.
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This is to be expected --- the typical Walmart and Sam's shopper is a diehard neocon halfwit, completely ignorant about both his and her immediate environment, society and country.

The penultimate douchebaggers.....

And about that "all volunteer" military:…

The Navy on Monday dismissed two commanders amid allegations of misconduct, weeks before they were both scheduled to assume new commands.

Capt. Ted Williams was relieved as commander of the amphibious command ship USS Mount Whitney, and Cmdr. Ray Hartman was relieved as commander of the amphibious dock-landing ship USS Fort McHenry, said Cmdr. Marc Boyd, spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Africa. The Navy would not describe the nature of the allegations. Both investigations center on personal conduct, Boyd said.

(Just 'cause the biographer who did Petraeus' bio was doing Petraeus at the same time, doesn't mean the rest of the military should follow his example.)
Realistically, change isn't going to come through guilting the people who shop there. These people are likely hurting economically as well, and relying on the deals to help make ends meet. Those showing solidarity with the brave strikers are doing an invaluable service, though. The Walmart employees are the ones who are directly suffering, and the most likely to force change because of it. Everyone should be giving them encouragement today.
I wonder for whom these Walmart striking workers vote?
Black Friday Protest at Walmart in Renton, WA - a few photos…