Egyptian Protests Continue: The protests, which started after Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi made a constitutional decree and escalated with the ransacking and burning of Muslim Brotherhood offices, continued Saturday. The police attempted to disperse the crowds with tear gas.

Cougars Win Apple Cup: The neck and neck game went to overtime and was decided by a field goal for WSU's beleaguered football team.

Stabbing At Downtown Nightclub: Early this morning one man was stabbed in the back and the other slashed in the back near Pioneer Square. Police are looking for two suspects.

Racist Mascots, Actually Not Funny: The Seattle Human Rights Commission is trying to ban the use of Native American symbols and mascots. In Oregon, Native American mascots are already banned.

Oh Wait Is There An Election Coming Up? In a valiant attempt to seem relevant McGinn asked people gorging themselves on consumerism yesterday to thank the SPD walking the Westlake Center beat on Black Friday.

These Whippersnappers, Always Taking The Good Parking Spots: A 71 year old man is under investigation after he allegedly struck a couple with his car in a King County Walmart parking lot. He may also have been under the influence, reports The Olympian.

Arafat's Body To Be Exhumed: The deceased Palestinian leader will be exhumed to examine claims that he was poisoned in Paris.

Like Pirates...Who Traffic in Cocaine: A buried stash of cash and cocaine was found by the National Guard in Venezuela.

Japan's Population Is Old: In Japan, sales of adult diapers now exceed those for babies.