What Daily Kos said:

Remember all those dire warnings that the hyper-macho military culture could never adjust to "Don't ask, Don't tell" repeal and relentless hate crimes against gays would jam everything up? Yeah. Maybe not so much. Now a military unit in Afghanistan has released this technicolor nightmare that will run in an endless loop in poor Tony Perkins' mind forever. It is apparently authentic. If this brings you a smile, joining Netroots for the Troops effort is a great way to return a smile.

That video would've kicked off an anti-gay witch hunt during the ban on gays in the military. But the nuts aren't obsessing about gays in the military anymore—because the post-DADT-repeal data is in and the haters were wrong. Now they're obsessing about gays in the dorms. (And, yeah, what young people in dorms want is... to hang out with folks from the Ruth Institute. Sounds like a party.)