Ugh, Active People: The express lanes on I-5, I-90, and various other surface streets are closed for people "running" a "marathon" or whatever.

In The Good Old Days, We Could Burn Fossil Fuels For Breakfast! Nowadays, coal is political, says the Spokesman-Review. Apparently some people have qualms with the new proposed coal route.

SWAT Teams Called in OlyWa: A man who was wanted for fourth-degree domestic violence reportedly refused to leave his apartment. SPOILER ALERT: There was a standoff, the SWAT team got him in the end.

Hundreds Killed Making Our Clothes: A textile factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, caught fire during the night. A hundred people were killed inside.

Chinese Military Test Successful: Which is the only reason we're hearing about it. China landed its first fighter jet on an aircraft carrier.

Why Does Japan Get All The Cool Toys? A new magnetic levitation train is set to be built in Japan. It is expected to go 300 miles per hour and literally floats on magnets.

Europe Considers Banning Baby Boxes for Abandoned Infants: Many European countries have incubators where unwanted infants can be left at the hospital, but some are trying to ban this practice.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Confetti Actually Police Files: The police appear to have provided sensitive, improperly shredded files as confetti for the Macy's parade, reports the BBC.

Infographic on Climate Change: The US, shockingly, is improving its emissions trend.