Accused Officers Have History of Alleged Misconduct


This video doesn't show much of anything.

Can we actually see the dash cam video before we speculate?
@1 I'm not speculating, except that the dash-cam video should be fairly conclusive.
Mr. Everlu has a history too before he hit this cyclist. Leo Etherly has past arrest and convictions for assault, DV and indecent exposure. Leo quite the court record if you care to look it up, he has been arrested in 5 cites and 3 counties, he is certainly no stranger to law enforcement.

@1 -- Egan's almost certainly not bluffing. At this point, it doesn't matter. The people of Seattle don't need much reason to distrust the police.

Burgess for mayor.
@1 Seeing the actual video is the entire point of these articles.
@3 - What the FUCK difference does it make if he had a past record, and why the FUCK is it so important for you to repeatedly point that out? Unless, of course, you are an SPD shill doing your best to contain this explosive shit-show. I might remind you that in this country, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, even if you have a rap sheet as long as my dick.
One thing that's really perplexing to me is that Pete Holmes was a passionate defender of Officer Chin during the federal case last year, insisting that Chin is an excellent cop. And that case was pretty ugly--- Chin forced Rutherford to sit in the middle of the street while another police car approached at high speed, braking at the last minute. When Rutherford very reasonably got up to avoid being run over, he was tackled and injured by Chin and the other officers. If this is Pete Homes idea of an 'excellent cop,' we need a new DA.
@6 I thought liberals liked context? Mr. Everly's criminality sure provides some before he hit this 50 yr old cyclist and drove off.
@6 may we safely assume said member is erect and of above average length? Are you perhaps a mallard?

Your point is, of course, completely correct.
Here's some interesting backstory:…

Holmes and McGinn have both turned out to be a huge disappointment in these matters.
@8 If I were you, I could be sued for defamation for making such statements. The hit and run charge was dropped due to lack of evidence. And yet you repeatedly assert that he hit cyclist as if it were a matter of fact.

I sure do hope you're not an SPD shill, as another commenter suggested. Because your comments suggest a total disregard for our justice system.

That said, even if Etherly is guilty, it still shouldn't justify the beating he allegedly took.
OK, OK, OK, I thought we were under a DOJ consent decree complete with a new SPD 'overseerer' to stop this kind of nonsense. What/where/how does this further policing in Seattle or contribute to anyone's safety. Sign me: tired of this shit.
Fire those thugs.
Yes, it appears that the man sitting on the hood of the car is calm and cooperative. It appears that the police attacked him. But these images are in the distance and there is no sound. We are not able to see the fine details in this unfocussed image. So it does look like the police attacked the man for no clear reason. But I do not see this evidence as conclusive. More research is needed. And contrary to the lawyers opinion, I have seen more clearly evident videos of police brutality than this one. So I'm assuming that this lawyer is young and with far less experience at viewing such videos than I. To get a firm conviction against these police, the best technique is to calmly research this situation and bring to the table undeniable evidence.
> Accused Officers Have History of Alleged Misconduct

When I first saw the headline out of the corner of my eye, I read it as Alleged Officers Have History of Alleged Misconduct -- and for me, that's closer to the truth.

Show me conclusive evidence that these pieces of shit are actually officers and I'll take it into consideration, but until then they're just common fucking thugs and remain the ones who belong behind bars here.
Curse these pigs! Shame!
these incidents aren't unrelated, this is the way bullies behave all the time. why the FUCK would we hire these bullies and terrorists to be our police? WTF?
Jonathan Chin should try a different career path. Perhaps contractor for Academi?

Why is SPD forcing me to pay Chin's salary?