Another Star of Two And A Half Men Goes Nuts


Jesus is a hell of a drug.
I'll believe him a little better if he quits the show and gives all his income to charity. After all, what's breaking a contract compared to your Immortal Soul?
Give him his wish, fire him.
Maybe you should quit first, huh buddy? Give up that $300k per episode, pay whatever penalties for breaking your contract and donate all of your syndication royalties to charity. Maybe then this declaration can be seen as something other than hypocritical bullshit.

No? Shut up, then.
If there's one issue we should all be able to agree on, it's that nobody should be watching that show.
The writers need to have a field day with this!!

His character could start to explore those strange feelings he has when watching the older boys in the locker room. And, maybe a little special-touch run-in with a priest would be dandy too.
This kid has always creeped me out.
ugh. baaaaaarf.
Somebody's about to get punk'd!

Or paid more money for attracting renewed attention to a dying ( I assume?) sitcom...
I watched one episode many years ago. I made it about 10 minutes in, and had to turn it off. It was painful.
Well, the show is pretty awful. I stopped watching long ago. Still if he feels this way, he should quit and join that other child star idiot on the road to preach the Gospel according to them. Whatever.
That poor me I'm a victim of Evil Hollywood (and a reluctant participant) attitude of his makes the devil shoot his polluted semen from all the warty heads of his diseased diabolical pecker.
So he went from playing a fake character to believing in one. Ugh.
Time to do a Darren Stevens on him.
Jeesus and teenagers are a bad mix.
LOL, ratings and comments on that videos are disabled, still I posted this(pending approval):

Angus Jones, I'm so sorry to see that you are a delusional jesus-cultist due to your childhood indoctrination, please help yourself with these books:

1.God: The Failed Hypothesis. How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist(physicist)

2.The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails

3.Why We Believe in God(s): A Concise Guide to the Science of Faith(psychiatrist)

4.Religion Explained(cognitive anthropologist)


Do you think that comment will be approved?
Jones gets $300,000 an episode? Is there anybody in America who was ever watching the show because of him? (I mean besides, obviously, Catholic priests). How the f*ck did this untalented nobody manage that kind of paycheck in the first place? They could have replaced him for free long ago with a mop wearing eyeglasses or something and nobody probably would have noticed.
What #5 said. Possibly also #6.
@3 Give him my wish. Fire a shotgun into his face.
John Cryer really can't catch a break.
"You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that. I know I can’t."

Guess the money helps. Hypocrite.

If the series is still in-production (which I believe it is), then quitting would essentially result in a breach of contract and Mr. Jones would be liable for a pretty substantial penalty, not to mention loss of significant income. So, while his Christian moral precepts may compel him to tell people not to watch, obviously his economic precepts are telling him to stay on-board and keep collecting the paychecks.

In short, he's a big, fat, hypocritical weasel - but, that just puts him in a fairly large pool of similar weasels when it comes to so-called "Christians" working in Hollywood.


For whatever reason, "Two And A Half Men" continues to be one of the most popular sitcoms on network TV, ranked 5th most-watched prime time broadcast for the week ending 11/18. So, there's no way CBS is going to cancel it; which leaves Mr. Jones with the option of either quitting (which he appears rather reluctant to do on his own, opting instead to try to somehow suppress viewership, a rather bizarre tactic, given that the constituency he's trying to reach in his video, namely Christians, would seem unlikely to watch in the first place, and at-best constitute a very small segment of the show's viewing audience), or else he's hoping to raise so much of a stink that the producers feel they have no choice but to fire him, which I seriously doubt they would be eager to do considering the show's overall success.
Douche alert!
Was I the only one distracted by his inability to SPEAK. I can hardly understand him as it takes one entire minute just to get out a sentence. Made it REALLY frustrating to watch at all...
I have to say: I agree with the church on this one.
Stupid show, but I liked the kid! Too bad what religion does to children. He was too young.
"They could have replaced him for free long ago with a mop wearing eyeglasses or something and nobody probably would have noticed."

Bobbyjoe, you are one mean mothersucker! Dang.
Too much COCAINE and MALT LIQUOR will half a man into a twat!
Oh jeez. What a tactic. This is a stunt.
This dip shit and his agent know he has ZERO career after this show. So he's gonna milk it.

He WANT'S to be fired because if he is they have to pay out the rest of his contract. And if they don't he knows they pay him more to un-find Jeebus, shut his trap, and finish out the season.

Bullshit like this happens all the time in the entertainment business. But now the internet adds a delicious layer on top of it so we can bare witness.
When you've been working on the same show since you were eight years old, it can be hard to.imagine most actors DON'T luck into a ten-year steady gig on a lucrative network sitcom. Mr. Jones needs to get out into the world and get a dose of reality.
Am I alone in thinking this kid is trying to punk everyone? (Probably got the idea from Ashton Kutcher, at that.) My first instinct was to think it was some sort of prank, but no one else seems to have raised that idea.

That'd be fantastic.

Believe it or not the show's producer, Chuck Lorre, sounds like a pretty cool guy. At the end of every show he apparently flashes a personal message on the screen, done so quickly as to require a pause function to even see it. And right before the election he layed into Mitt pretty hard and effectively...…
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new Kirk Cameron!
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new Kirk Cameron!
Jesus was right about a lot of things:

1) We should love our neighbors as we love ourselves.
2) Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
3) "Two and a Half Men" sucks.
The punk'd angle is probably true.

Because, on the topic of contracts, I'd expect there is some clause in there about 'You can't go around telling people to NOT watch the show.'
Part of me thinks this is a publicity stunt.

The other part thinks this kid is a hypocritical jerk and the best way to get him back would be to watch the show. I mean, not really watch it, because it's terrible, but I could turn it on, go out for ice cream, and come back when it's over.
I mean jeez, you can almost *feel* the conflict in his heart.

All that money, vs Jesus.

But this is America! All sins are forgiven, because Jesus!
Dude, you're 19. You're going to believe a lot of things in your lifetime. You've been a "tv star" most of your young life. Generally, that means you haven't been living in the real world like most people do. Now you've latched on to something that purports to explain the world and everything else in the text of one ancient book. I've been there; it's comforting to have all the answers at hand.

Take some of your filthy lucre and travel outside this country. Go help people on an Indian reservation. Help out the Sandy victims in NY/NJ. Campaign to stop human trafficking. Get outside yourself. Maybe you will still feel the same way, and I don't blame you. The show is shitty. I've never been all that keen that a kid was in the show. I laugh at the jokes sometimes, but it isn't a show for kids and I don't know if you were shielded from some of the more questionable stuff.

Get in touch with some other kid actors, but not Kirk Cameron. They have been where you are, more or less. And don't put everything that pops into your head on Youtube.
What's the ALF puppet doing these days?