Florida Republicans Admit That Voter Suppression Was the Goal


Why do people vote for these guys? I mean, the things they do are antithetical to everything that America stands for.
GOP will eat itself...

@1, ha! they are against America... perhaps that's why their current color is the color of the RED COMMUNISTS.
Absolutely despicable behavior. To cheat people out of their right to choose the leaders of their nation, simply because they want power... the people responsible for this should lose their United States citizenship permanently.
They're not only treacherous, but they're remarkably incompetent: Obama won Florida.
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
So glad they lost and that Florida went for Obama.

Too bad, douchebags. Try again fools.
@1 Reading our resident trolls should give you a good idea. This country is full of those idiots. They have their reductive model of the world, and they're not interested in changing it.
Point out that this is some fascist type shit, and everyone yells "Goodwin" at you...
Because sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.
And if that omelet is "traditional America" then those eggs will be the rights of some blacks and hispanics and poor people that you (as a Real American) probably don't know.
Once the country is restored to the former glory that it never lost but has been fighting to keep then we can look at making sure that everyone knows how to vote.

I'm serious.
It's a case of "the ends justify the means".
@8 You'll live. Keep trying.
@1 Conservatives constantly complain about "government waste and fraud." Conservatives in Florida elected as governor a jackass who presided over the greatest Medicare fraud ever (at least as of that time).

To paraphrase Orwell: Voters are stupid, and conservative voters are more stupid than others. Seems appropriate, since FauxNewzSalts is about the most Orwellian thing I can imagine.
@ 8, it helps if a) you make sure you're articulate when making the comparison and b) end it with something like "It ain't Godwins when it's a legit comparison." Godwin's Law was about people calling each other "nazi" on the boards, not about real parallels between the actions of one party in America and another in 1930's Germany.
Charlie Crist, the next governor of Florida.
A little honesty might be a refreshing change for the Republican Party.
Only wealthy white landowning men were allowed to vote when this country was founded and the GOP wants to go back to that model. That's the founding father's original intent, right?
If they could get slavery reinstated they'd do that too.

1 Man
1 Vote
1 Unlocked Go Phone

Photo ID at least has some actual fraud-fighting utility Republicans can point to. Sure, it would disenfranchise thousands of voters for each case of in-person fraud it prevented, but at least there is a plausible dotted line between the lack of a photo-ID requirement and fraud to give them cover.

But how are the Republicans trying to sell restricting early voting? There's no dotted line to fraud there at all. But there is a vividly clear one between it and six-hour lines on election day (just in the blue districts, of course).

To be a modern Republican is to support winning at all cost, even if that means cheating to win. Who can proudly claim to be a Republican when this is their party's tactic?

I know there are Republican commenters here. I'm interested: how does this make you feel about your party?
@14, and I think they had to own a certain amount of land, to avoid enfranchising the two-bit Crackers who owned a tiny plot.
You know you are bad when you are still losing after using hax.
@16, the argument I've heard is that the constitution says that there is 1 day to vote. It says nothing about early voting therefore there can be none. It's a bullshit argument of course but it's the only one I've heard.
Can we get some ACLU action on this please?