Gun Sales Spike After Obama Wins Reelection


Didn't gun sales spike after he was elected the first time?
Eagerly awaiting Fifty-Two-Eighty's requisite stoopid comment in three, two, one...
Paranoid androids.
I'm a left-wing Seattle liberal and a lifetime member of the NRA.

I'm also not an idiot.

Oh, I should point out something I often forget, I too am a gun owner, a leftyleftleftist... and I'm not too dumb.
And he's the most threatened President in history.…
Very original Dominic.

The next post going to troll about:

1) Fat people
2) Pit bulls
3) Vegans

This is an official slog poll.
@5 Belonging to the NRA after 1973 would almost immediately qualify somebody as an idiot.

Like cutting your own hair, determining yourself NOT to be an idiot requires a deft hand at experienced idiocy. And you really need a good friend's honest opinion on the matter.

@5 "I'm a left-wing Seattle liberal and a lifetime member of the NRA. I'm also not an idiot."

Great! Please explain the NRA's endorsement of Governor Romney, who actually signed statutes limiting guns, over President Obama, who actually expanded gun carrying to include trains and national parks.
I assume that means they have high confidence in a resurgent economy, so they are willing to spend big bucks on luxury items. If it were hostile paranoia, we would also see a spike in sales of gasoline, empty bottles and old rags
@5 and 6, raised by pacifist Quakers, voted for Obama twice, and own scary, scary guns too. Can occasionally solve the Sunday NYT crossword, so probably medium smart. On the other hand, stupid enough to rise to Dom's bait, so the jury's out.

@3 5280 already has enough guns to arm a small state's national guard, so he's probably not so worried.
I believe it. At Thanksgiving dinner, my sister-in-law's boyfriend told my wife that he was going on a hunting trip, in order to practice for when Obama destroys society. We don't know if he meant "practice for when I have to hunt my own food because Obama destroyed society" or "practice for when I have to shoot people because Obama destroyed society." Either way, hoo-boy. Paranoia indeed.
I think the easy answer to whether someone is an idiot or not is whether they're buying a gun NOW when the prices are higher due to all the real idiots buying them.
If you realize that it is only the idiots who are in a panic about how Obama is going to take away their guns then you're probably not an idiot.
If you remember the previous times when a Democrat was elected and the idiots went into a panic about "X is going to take our guns" then you're probably not an idiot.
@15, good point. Also makes me feel smarter again, as I've had my gun since 1994 as a present from my Dad for passing hunter's safety courses.
I'm pretty sure gun sales spiked on black friday as that store called cabelas (near the tulalip casino) had a free rifle for the first 500 or so shoppers.
@13 is correct.
Better buy those guns while Obama is President so that when Obama is President you have them when he takes them away.

Homer Simpson at gun shop. Classic.…
A bunch of angry southern dumb asses buying more guns? Where's the harm? What can possibly go wrong?
I call bullshit.

They're releasing made-up numbers to give the illusion that everyone is buying a gun, so ya know, maybe you should, too.
Most gun owners have X guns and they would like to have X+1. Most bicyclists have X bikes and would like to have X+1. Motorcyclists? Own X motorcycles, and have their eye on X+1. Why? If you have to ask...

So why don't they go buy X+1? W-I-F-E. That's why. So ANY excuse that will help convince the old wifey to let you change X into X+1 is a good excuse. Sale. Obama. Rapture. It only makes sense now because...

That's just how it is. So now they have X+1 guns. But that means X is the new X+1. So now they will need another excuse. Maybe the fiscal cliff. Or maybe if we avoid the fiscal cliff, they'll want another gun to celebrate.

It doesn't matter. The point is, if Jay Leno has more than you, you need another one. It has nothing to do with Obama.
I want to buy a small nuclear arsenal. I need to protect my family and the constitution says I can be armed. The NRA told me so.
And they said he wouldn't be good for the economy.
@10 - I cut my own hair, and I look quite fetching. Even my mom says so.
@4. Ironic that when I am king they will be first against the wall. With their opinion which is of no consequence at all.
@22, agree. If the stats are so good on gun sales, let's have that federal register that is so impossible to put together.
I wouldn't say that all gun owners are idiots, but idiots are magnetically attracted to the idea of owning guns (and pit bulls).
Went to the nearby wally-world to pick up some .22 for the backyard tree rats and for an upcoming mistletoe hunt. They were CLEANED OUT of .22 and almost all pistol ammo and .223. This paranoia driven economy is a real PITA.
Oh Dominic, you can do better than that. You know perfectly well that most of the gun owners on Slog even tempered liberals, and are stock piling neither guns nor canned goods in anticipation of the Obamalypse. Now stop being such little pot stirrer.
Gotta hand it to gun shops. Play on the fear, up the sales. It's fine capitalism, I suppose.

It never ceases to astonish me that people who can't afford medical care or food can manage to buy another gun.

And for what it's worth, I'm gay, liberal and a gun owner. Not a member of the NRA, though.
@15 for the win. Some folks believe the stories about Obama using his reelection as an excuse to pass onerous gun control laws. These folks are idiots. Or, at the very least, they have an idiotic understanding of politics. The last thing the Democrats want to do is piss off folks from gun loving states like Montana. Quick quiz (no Googling): The Senators from Montana belong to what political party:

Democratic. That's right, both Senators from Montana are Democrats. Only an idiot (for a President) would pass legislation that would piss off both Montana Senators. Obama is not that stupid. One might think that some gun makers and suppliers are purposely stoking the unfounded fears in order to increase demand. No, that couldn't happen ...
I wonder how many gun dealers gave money to the Obama campaign, since he seems so good for their bottom line?
sometimes I wonder - could the right wing gun nuts be building their own army right before our eyes? we've got millions and millions of these people feeling defeated, desperate and anticipating civil war. With most of the guns in this country (w/ exception of military)

Just sayin'!
@1, Paranoia AND racism (and maybe some misguided xenophobia).
@26: hooray for the Flowbee, eh?
Everytime Obama sneezes gun sales skyrocket - cause everything he does is just a cover for his secret plan to steal hillybilly weapons.
If “smart” Liberals really believe that the Red Necks are arming up in anticipation of a Hillbilly uprising, “smart” Liberals must be buying their own guns. That would be the “smart” thing for them to do. I mean, if they have any intention of defending the welfare state they’ve worked so hard to build… (They must realize that the Military will almost certainly side with the Hillbillies in the coming apocalypse).

There must be a Tree Hugger / Hillbilly arms race behind these numbers.

Wonder who will win when the shooting starts…
@40: Oh I wouldn't worry doll. One way or the other you'll be one of the first against the wall. :)
I already have a rifle for venison, a shotgun for duck, and a pistol for beer cans.

I don't see the need for more than that (or even a genuine "need" for what I already have), but then again I'm not a collector/hobbyist, a Somali pirate, or a racist right-wing shitbag who thinks that THIS time, Obama's REALLY gonna come for our guns and I'd better stock up lest my house become vulnerable to all kinds of brown folk!

I think both of these post-election panics have been nothing more than gun shop owners duping gullible right-wingers (is there any other kind?) into giving them more business.
40: I think the right-wingers, being the easily-panicked trigger-happy cowards they are, would just off each other on sight without ever having the chance to organize. Chances of this would double if there they found some scrap of wealth or weaponry to squabble over.

So I'm not too worried about any "hillbilly revolt."
Well armed idiots.