Boeing May Not Give Pension Survivor Benefits: To married gay employees (originally reported, cough, right here).

Dear Mister President: Close Guantanamo.

Pot People: Local growers make plans, lick lips. "You will probably make a million dollars your first five days in business."

US Abortion Rate Hits All-Time Low: Leading cause: Men on the right convinced us not to.

Ten Deaths in a Government Attack on a Playground in Syria: "None of those killed was older than 15 years old."

Saudi Husbands: Get texts if their wives travel, because their wives are in their custody.

Christine Gregoire, Negotiator: Trying to broker a deal that would allow states to collect sales tax from online retailers based elsewhere.

UN Climate Talks in Qatar: Hammering out the responsibilities of wealthy versus poorer countries.

It's Hard Out Here for a Psychotherapist: People don't want to change anymore. They want other people and situations to change. You have to hang a different shingle for that.

Morsi's Power Grab: Egypt responds, stock market plunging, protests in the streets, deputies resigning.

YouTube, TheyTube, WeAllTube: YouTube gets a great big fancy studio in LA.

Rebels or Revolutionaries?: Fighters have captured a major city and are going door to door in Congo.

Losing Your Job Can Give You A Heart Attack: Gee, I wonder if it's more stressful not having health care. Our system just makes such sense for health!

The Median Rent in Capitol Hill Is Up 15 Percent from Last Year: To $1,500. Meanwhile, Ballard is overbuilding because Ballard is still located in Ballard.

What the US Presence in Afghanistan Will Look Like: In a little more than two years from now.

Our Vacation Shall Be Ice Climbing: O Canada!

Hey, Megan: Watching videos of cute animals helps you focus.

That Twilight movie's still number one. Orrrrrrr, you could watch the entire fine, fine 1985 film Once Bitten on the YouTube.