More on George P. Bush: Required Reading for Democrats


It would certainly be nice if the Democrats could actually get their shit together, but I don't think the Republican's are finding their way out of the wilderness with minorities particularly soon.

Two items from the article:

'Many Republicans in Texas suggested that the fact that Cruz is Hispanic is enough for him to win votes in that community. To prove the point, some mentioned Quico Canseco, a Republican who won a Texas House seat in 2010 in a Democratic district by running as a Tea Party conservative, and whose reelection bid this year was closely contested.'

'[...] Munisteri said. "Jeb Bush got a higher percentage of the Hispanic vote in Florida than Marco Rubio, who is of Hispanic descent."'

The entrenched, majority view of the Republican Part seems to be that it the race of Democratic Party candidates that gives them these voting blocks, not policy and tone.
I am so freaking sick of seeing sentences like, "Mary Matalin, the Republican commentator, wrote that Obama was a “political narcissistic sociopath” who “leveraged fear and ignorance” to win." Seriously, isn't this exactly how Republicans always win votes?