If you can call this a response:

Local attorney James Egan will receive the video he is asking for. In fact, he already has.

The Seattle Police Department via the City Attorney’s Office provided a copy of the in-car camera footage to James Egan as a matter of criminal discovery. Mr. Egan received police records that were necessary to adequately represent his client.

Mr. Egan made a separate request for the same in car video via the SPD Public Disclosure Unit. This request is currently in process. Once completed, Mr. Egan’s will receive another copy of the same video.

The SPD Public Disclosure Unit handles on average 4,000 requests for records per year. Every requestor receives a response from the department within five business days.

Since 2008, Mr. Egan alone has made 316 requests of the Seattle Police Department. He has 10 requests that are currently pending. His current request, like all others, will be handled in the order in which it was received.

This response is, of course, bullshit. As I mentioned this morning, Egan doesn't even need an exact duplicate of the video he already has—he simply needs a letter from SPD ceremoniously confirming that he can disseminate it to the public. (Without that clearance, if he could lose his license or get slapped with a lawsuit for sharing the video.)

But I suspect this obfuscation has less to do with pig-headedness and more to do with a total lack of leadership. The department and mayor's office have likely spent the whole day figuring out how to mop up the shit-show this video will unleash. Until they hammer out a game plan, we won't see the video.